Why Corrosion Protection is Important for Your Facility

Corrosion can eat away at more than just your equipment. Even if the component affected is small, it can halt productivity and cause huge losses. How can you protect your facility and electrical equipment?

While corrosion may seem to work slowly, the damage it causes can catch up to you before you know it. Industry and government in the United States pays $276 billion annual to remedy the direct effects of corrosion with proper corrosion protection.

metal that has proper corrosion protection

Types of Corrosion

  • Uniform
  • Localized
  • Wide pitting
  • Intergranular
  • Transgranular
  • Galvanic
  • Selective
  • Interfacial
  • Exfoliation

Corrosion can have a devastating impact on electrical equipment and cause serious safety concerns. Corrosion protection starts with understanding the leading causes of corrosion.

Identifying the Causes of Corrosion

  • Presence of impurities
  • Reactivity of metal
  • Presence of air, moisture and gases
  • Temperature
  • Presence of electrolytes
  • Moisture
  • Caustic chemical cleanersan example of corrosion

Having the proper products for the environment decreases the need for maintenance and repairs. Various types of coated conduit are recommended depending on their intended use.

Three main industry standards outline the mechanical design and safety performance of these options:

  1. UL 6
  2. ANSI C80.1
  3. NEMA RN 1-2005coated conduit that prevents corrosion

In the case that the outer coating is breached, a zinc or galvanized coating beneath will slow corrosion and give time to repair.

Thomas & Betts offers a variety of conduit, conduit bodies, rigid fittings, expansion and deflection fittings, and more.

These come with stainless steel hardware for installation, and are not painted, which don’t cause flaking.

Even small, relatively inexpensive components can make all the difference in preventing downtime due to corrosion.

With that being said, stainless steel is a good option for a wide variety of corrosive environments, particularly those with strict hygiene requirements.

Read our blog highlighting Thomas & Betts’ line of stainless steel solutions for more information.

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