Using Industrial Barriers to Segregate Pedestrians from Danger

While there are many uses for industrial barriers, one of the most important is segregating pedestrians from dangerous equipment, such as forklifts or vehicles.  Industrial safety barriers are a useful tool to protect workers, guests, equipment and product.

Industrial barriers can mark and defend traffic routes, providing visual guidance for drivers.  Conversely, barriers also define walkways and safe areas for pedestrians, warning them of the potential for danger and restricting them to established routes around your facility or campus.

A-SAFE barriers are engineered to reduce risk, safeguard operations and minimize maintenance costs. Since 1984, A-SAFE has worked to innovate industrial barriers, and their patented technology is engineered to be unequalled in strength and flexibility.

When many traditional barriers are impacted, they sustain damage requiring repair or replacement.  If they are hit hard enough, the collision can rip out the concrete around their base requiring more expensive repairs. Instead of breaking when stuck, A-SAFE barriers flex, dissipate 

the energy and recover.

A-SAFE barriers have three layers to achieve this:

  • Inner, strengthening core
  • Impact absorption zone
  • Outer UV-stabilized color layer

Their bright yellow color makes them easy to notice, but is also inherent to the material, which means barriers from A-SAFE will not require painting. They are resistant to scratches, corrosion, water, chemicals, extreme heat/cold and UV.  They are food safe and 100% recyclable.

A-SAFE offers many types of barriers with a variety of performance levels to ensure you get the correct product for your application. These are designed to be versatile across different industries, such as: manufacturing, warehousing, food processing, airports and parking areas.

If you are interested in using A-SAFE for your barriers, contact us or your French Gerleman Account Manager.  Visit our website to learn more or request information on A-SAFE products.

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