Considering Upgrading Your Lighting to LED? Get the Most Gain with the Least Pain.

Appleton LED lighting products

Let’s face facts.  In today’s world of doing more with fewer resources, there is little time to dedicate to upgrading lighting in your facility.  With today’s LED lighting options, you can achieve improved light distribution in your facility with fewer fixtures and a better ROI than ever before.

Here are few tips to get the most from your investment:

  1. Have a plan. Consider retrofitting critical areas first and prioritizing your work. Ask stakeholders essential questions before you dive into a retrofit project.  Key questions to ask include:
  • Are the current fixtures difficult to access?
  • Do you know which panel and circuit feed your luminaires to effectively remove power from that area?
  • Is scaffolding or a scissor lift required?
  • Can the mounting hoods be removed from your current fixtures?
  • Does your current manufacturer have an LED model to directly retrofit into the existing mounting hoods?
  1. Another important consideration is the light distribution of the LED fixtures under review. For a true understanding of how the fixtures will work in your facility, request a lighting layout from each manufacturer.  A lighting layout can help reveal problem areas or uniformity issues. If uniformity issues arise, the use of a diffused globe, prismatic refractor, or secondary optic can alter the way the light moves.  An average to minimum illumination ratio of 3:1, or less, for uniform illumination is a good goal.  Utilizing fixtures with well-designed optics can improve your facility lighting and reduce the number of fixtures required; resulting in lower purchase costs, decreased maintenance expenses and reduced energy consumption.
  2. Request a manufacturers’ sample prior to settling on a fixture design. Nothing compares to seeing a fixture hung in the actual application.  Most manufacturers have a sample program to “try out” a fixture prior to making a large investment.

Appleton Can Help

Appleton™ LED lighting solutions by Emerson™ focus on reducing project labor costs by providing retrofit solutions and minimizing installation efforts.  Mercmaster™ Generation 3 and Mercmaster™ Low Profile LED products mount directly to Mercmaster™ III HID installed mounting hoods.  For Eaton™ Crouse Hinds ™ installations, the Contender™ LED mounts directly to Crouse Hinds ™ installed mounting hoods.  Retrofit adapters for Mercmaster™ II, Crouse Hinds™ and Killark™ HID installations are available to allow existing mounting hoods to remain in place and reduce labor expenses when converting to an Appleton™ Mercmaster™ LED product.  Screw terminal blocks and hinged wiring compartments, are additional design features that further reduce retrofit project costs and improve your return on investment analysis.  For assistance demonstrating your easy investment payback, utilize an investment calculator, such as the Appleton™ Lighting Retrofit Calculator.

By doing your homework up front, and experimenting with a variety of lighting alternatives, you’ll end up with better illumination and fewer fixtures required to complete your retrofit project.  Contact us or your French Gerleman Account Manager for more information on LED lighting options.

Appleton LED Lighting