The Speed You Need: Buying Online from French Gerleman

When you think about saving time, you may initially land on jobsite efficiencies – your workers, their tasks and their ability to quickly and easily move around the site. But there is another major way that you can gain the speed you need, with French Gerleman’s eCommerce site and mobile app. We designed these solutions to get you the products and information you need in a fast, easy and convenient manner. With access to more than 40 product categories and 55,000 individual products, purchases for your next project can be made in a snap.

Features Built to Expedite Purchasing

There are many features designed into our eCommerce solution, many of which we hope you have used. And the chances of that are good, as our customer surveys tell us many French Gerleman customers use this convenient online tool to help make purchases faster and quickly get materials delivered to jobsites.

We want to make sure you are taking advantage of these great time saving features:

  1. Check Your Price and Local Availability. With a French Gerleman eCommerce account, you’ll never have to wonder if the items you need are in stock locally or regionally.  The green “In Stock” icon provides you with a real-time snapshot of the stock status and you can see the quantity available at each branch by hovering over the yellow “View Branch Availability” icon. When you need a specific quantity for a time sensitive project, you’ll know just how much inventory is at a branch near you for quick access.  Additionally, once logged in, you will see your account pricing.

  1. My Product Groups. If you find yourself ordering the same products or bills of material on a regular basis, we know it can be tedious and time consuming to enter the same orders time and again. We’ve eliminated that work for you. Our website and app allow you to set up an unlimited number of Product Groups, which can include as many categories and products as needed. You can quickly tailor these Product Groups to save a great deal of time when ordering.

  1. Quick Order Pad. When you frequently order the same products, the part numbers become second nature – something you can recite at a moment’s notice. This knowledge can help you order and check out at lightning speed with our Quick Order Pad. Swiftly enter the part numbers and the quantities you need, add them to the cart and check out. Have a bill of material? Upload the file, or use the cut and paste function, and place your order. No manual entry, no hassle. Now that’s a time saver!

Interested in seeing the system in action? Take a look!

Get the Order Support You Need

Regardless of your preferred method for ordering, whether it be online, via phone, fax or in person at one of our convenient sales counters, the French Gerleman team is here for you. Our specialists are available to answer your questions and provide the support you need to select the products to meet your specifications, gain efficiencies and meet your project goals and timelines. And when it comes to delivery, you’ll still have the option to have your order shipped directly to your jobsite or pick it up at your local branch.

Are you ready to order online or learn more about the French Gerleman eCommerce site and mobile ordering app? You can register for an eCommerce account via our website and download our app today.

If you need assistance, you may reach out to your Account Manager to help you get started, or contact us today with any questions you may have. You’re just a few clicks away from the speed you need!

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