The Importance of a Solid Lockout Tagout Program

Electricity powers almost everything around us. While it’s capable of incredible benefits, electricity is also capable of causing great harm.  Over the years, various safety standards have been developed to help protect workers from the risks of working with electrical equipment. Controlling hazardous elements is essential to workplace safety, and one of OSHA’s focuses. The best way to protect your workers is to have a good lockout tagout program in place.

What is Lockout Tagout?

Lockout tagout (LOTO) is an important safety protocol that ensures machines remain fully shut down while they are being serviced. While it seems like common sense to turn off a machine prior to performing work on it, if the equipment is not properly locked out, the risk of it restarting during the course of the maintenance work remains. That’s because many machines you’ll find in industrial facilities today are complex and are made up of countless moving parts and pieces. They’re run not only by electricity, but also by compressed air and pneumatics.

To avoid injury, workers must properly lock down the machine and tag it so that all workers around him or her know the machine is out of service. If the machine is locked and tagged, it’s not to be turned back on until all protocols are followed.

Facility and safety managers know the dangers that exist and are aware of the need for a comprehensive lockout tagout program. The good news is that they don’t need to develop and implement it on their own. French Gerleman offers an array of products and services from industry leading manufacturers that can help you develop your LOTO program and maintain OSHA compliance.

Lockout Tagout Program Implementation

OSHA requires an annual audit of lockout tagout programs, and many facilities have hundreds of pieces of equipment, and each of these require written procedures for locking out.

The French Gerleman Safety Team can help coordinate annual training for workers, as well as audit all written procedures. We partner with Rockwell Automation and Brady to ensure your lockout tagout procedures remain up to date and keep your workers safe.  Between these manufacturer partners, you have access to both the services and the leading products required to maintain your own LOTO program.

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