Upgrade Your School’s UPS System for Enhanced Efficiency

When you think about technology on your school campus today, chances are, you think about ways to do things quicker, smarter and more efficiently. Advances such as mobile phones, cloud storage and collaboration tools have certainly made those thoughts possible – and quite frankly, these are technologies students and parents have come to expect. But […]

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Every Second Counts – Ensuring Critical Power & Operational Efficiency

Is your company prepared for those critical seconds between a power outage and when an emergency back-up generator kicks into operation? How does your business ensure a clean power feed to all your critical business systems, data and equipment? Many companies have addressed this issue. However, if you don’t have an immediate answer – don’t […]

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Featured Product: SolaHD S5KC Modular Series On-line UPS

SolaHD’s new line of single phase online modular uninterruptible power systems (UPS) are designed to protect equipment, people and products by providing conditioned power during normal operation and automatic battery back-up during power failures. The S5KC Modular UPS can be expanded as needed to add capacity and runtime – even while operating in the field. […]

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