Superior Glove

Keeping Your Hands Safe on the Job

A safety glove’s design can help prevent hazards including cuts, chemical burns, abrasion, crushing or contact with bio-hazards.  No matter what kind of work you do, you must be equipped with the appropriate tools to help you efficiently and safely perform your job. Safety Gloves Can Protect You from Hazards Safety gloves can protect you […]

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dark sky weather app

Top 13 Safety Apps That You Need on Your Phone

Smartphones and tablets are a part of everyday life now both personal and work related, so much so that we’ve designed a line of touchscreen-compatible gloves for every industry. While there are some professionals who shy away from these new technologies, industry leaders and trendsetters embrace new technology that can improve their productivity. This blog […]

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We Solve a Customer’s Issue & the Result Wins a Readers’ Choice Award

We often meet customers who are frustrated with a current product they are using and they can’t seem to find a solution. We enjoy helping identify new, better solutions for customers to improve their efficiency and profitability.  Here’s a great testament to our success… About 18 months ago, we had a customer reach out to […]

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