LED Lighting Retrofits

LED Lighting Retrofit: Your Path to Savings

Is your company spending more on lighting than it needs to—both in terms of energy and maintenance?  If so, it’s time to consider retrofitting your lighting to LED and put more of your profits back where they belong—in your business. Retrofitting is a popular topic, particularly among our commercial and industrial end user customers. Converting […]

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LED Lighting Retrofits Reduce Labor and Maintenance Costs

LED lighting continues to be a hot topic, and in our last blog we focused on the energy saving from LED lighting retrofits. But the benefits don’t stop there! Retrofitting reduces installation time and labor costs and your overall investment in maintenance over the life of the fixture. Faster Installation If your facility presents challenging […]

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LED Lighting Retrofits for Energy Savings

We have presented the pros and cons of making the switch to LED lighting in a previous blog and we wanted to delve into the benefits of LED Retrofits. Businesses who are looking to become more energy efficient are turning to LED retrofit. By retrofitting traditional lighting fixtures, you are harnessing the efficiency and reliability […]

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