Manage Cold & Flu Season with Jan-San Products from French Gerleman

We are in the midst of cold and flu season with several higher risk months still ahead of us. Most common colds, just like the flu, are brought on by a virus and are contagious. Any contagious virus spreads through airborne respiratory droplets such as coughs and sneezes, skin to skin contact like a handshake, […]

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First Aid & Jan-San Products Now Included in Our Stock Optimization Program

While every facility is unique, there is specific inventory most businesses need to keep running. In addition to MRO supplies, French Gerleman’s Stock Optimization Program can help you maintain proper first aid and janitorial/sanitation product stock.  We’ll help you reduce stock-outs to improve productivity, but we won’t overwhelm you with too much stock and stress […]

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Jan-San Supplies Now Available from French Gerleman

All businesses need cleaning supplies, whether for janitorial purposes or sanitation. Recently, French Gerleman started including distributing janitorial and sanitation (Jan-San) supplies as an extension of our Stock Optimization Program. What is Jan-San? Companies often need a baseline of supplies to ensure their employees are properly cared for and to keep their facility running smoothly. […]

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