Dialight LED light fixture

How to Improve Safety Through Industrial Lighting Design

From the PPE your team wears to the lubricant that keeps your machines humming, there’s not a detail of your industrial operation that doesn’t account for the safety and wellbeing of your team. But depending on the type of lighting in your facility, you may be creating a less safe workspace than you think. LED […]

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LED Lighting: There’s More to the Story than Lumens Per Watt (LPW)

When it comes time to choose your LED lighting, there are more options on the market now than ever before. Each manufacturer boasts the best product, but how can you tell which one is right for your application?  Lumens per watt (LPW) is often how LED options are compared, but there are many other key performance […]

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Dialight’s New Reliant™ LED High Bay

When you’re considering lighting options for your industrial facility, you probably have a checklist of requirements. Is the fixture energy-efficient? Is it easy to install? Will it properly light the space? Is it durable and will it deliver the best value? With this new fixture from Dialight, you may have found the solution to answer […]

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Dialight Vigilant LED High Bay

Product Spotlight: Dialight’s Vigilant LED High Bays

There’s a reason Dialight high bays are the world’s most widely-installed LED high bay. Dialight’s Vigilant LED High Bays are ultra-high-efficiency, corrosion resistant, and ideal for the toughest environments. LEDs are known for their efficiency, but not all are resilient enough for heavy industry. The Vigilant LED High Bay is incredibly durable, and ideal for […]

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Harness New LED Technologies in Your Facility

We recently hosted an LED Seminar in St. Louis with presentations from Philips, Acuity Brands and Dialight on emerging lighting technologies and how they can improve your workplace. They each focused on different aspects of how upgrading to LED lighting can improve your workplace from improved light output to new connected systems. State of the […]

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