Considering Upgrading Your Lighting to LED? Get the Most Gain with the Least Pain.

Let’s face facts.  In today’s world of doing more with fewer resources, there is little time to dedicate to upgrading lighting in your facility.  With today’s LED lighting options, you can achieve improved light distribution in your facility with fewer fixtures and a better ROI than ever before. Here are few tips to get the […]

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Hazardous Locations: NEC 2017 Code Updates

A hazardous location exists when a manufacturing, storage or handling process provides a fuel, consisting of a flammable gas vapors, combustible dust or combustible fibers are or may be present in the air in sufficient quantities to produce explosive or ignitable mixtures.

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ATEX Directive: What do you need to know?

What is ATEX Directive and what does it mean for you?  As of July 2003, organizations in the EU were required to follow these directives to protect employees from risks associated with explosive atmospheres. Ultimately, ATEX was adopted to protect workers. Should this mean anything to you in the United States? Good question. Local companies […]

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Are The Hazardous Locations in Your Facility Safe?

I’m sure you are reading the title of this blog and are thinking to yourself, “well of course, safety is our main concern!” As much as we all hope that this is true, the reality is that some of these hazardous locations might come as a surprise, you might be using the wrong products or […]

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