Switchgear Solutions: What You Need to Know

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Switchgear: The goal is to maximize equipment life cycles and improve reliability with preventive and predictive maintenance of power distribution equipment. Here’s a closer look at Switchgear Solutions.

Electrical switchgear is composed of passive and active components. Passive components are horizontal and vertical bus structures. Active components are power circuit breakers, fusible switches, protective relays and motor control. Their role is to protect the electrical assets downstream, disconnect the circuit and protect personnel in case of an arc flash event. They are extremely important when it comes to your safety.

Preventive Maintenance

Once installed, all electrical equipment begins deteriorating due to normal wear and tear. This will happen regardless of the brand or product used. Regular maintenance ensures the equipment’s integrity and proper mechanical and electrical functionality, as well as optimizing the equipment’s lifespan. Even the best-maintained equipment ultimately will degrade and reach the end of its useful life. The average useful life for well-maintained equipment is 35 years versus only 17 for unmaintained equipment. With a little maintenance, you can double the equipment’s life.

How you can perform preventive maintenance

Switchgear should be cleaned, inspected, tightened, lubricated and maintained on a regular basis. You will need to consider the environmental and equipment conditions when determining a preventive maintenance schedule. This is where a trained switchgear maintenance person or firm should come in and help you to prepare a plan.

Power System Studies and what you need to know

Power System Studies, or PSS, provide multiple benefits including retention of protective device settings, proper sizing of electrical equipment, protecting employees and the equipment and compliance with industry standards and codes.

Electrical equipment and power distribution systems have never been designed to remain perpetually energized without interaction by the owner, so electrical equipment requires your attention and ongoing maintenance throughout its installed life.

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