Increase Your Purchasing Efficiency with French Gerleman’s Procurement PunchOut

French Gerleman offers PunchOut enabled catalogs.

What is a PunchOut? In simple terms, it automates ordering directly from an internal procurement system while delivering a modern shopping experience.  PunchOut allows customers to find and select products while its connection fills in the information necessary to create a purchase order. It links the buyer’s procurement system and ours, providing current pricing, availability and product information. After the shopping cart is returned to the customer’s procurement system, the buyer proceeds through the normal workflow steps.

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Why do we offer PunchOut options?

At French Gerleman, we had a high demand for this service and we wanted to continue to provide our customers with the best, most efficient ordering experience possible. With PunchOut, our pricing is up to date to the minute and is available 24/7. Buyers have the option to order whenever convenient and customers can continue to rely on our sales staff and customer service representatives to provide the high level of customer service expected from French Gerleman.

What can customers expect from this feature?

Customers can expect a simple, streamlined way to obtain product information from French Gerleman in one convenient location – their own business system. What other advantages does the PunchOut feature provide to buyers? It removes steps from the ordering process, cutting down on required approvals for manually created purchase orders — saving them time and hassle.

After logging in through their purchasing application, buyers can search our inventory and add items to their shopping cart.  Once complete, the information is transferred and automatically populates within the procurement system for processing, eliminating the need to re-key the information. French Gerleman can support a variety of common procurement software packages including Ariba, SciQuest, Oracle and SAP.

Interested in getting started with your own PunchOut program? Contact your French Gerleman Sales Representative to learn more and we can help you set up your PunchOut program.

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