Streamline Construction Projects with Prefabrication

You might have heard the term “prefabrication” floating around, but what is it really and what are the benefits to electrical contractors? Why should electrical contractors consider prefab products as an option?

In the electrical contracting business, parts of the job that were once completely built and installed on-site, are now predesigned and fabricated off-site. Prefabrication can combat challenges facing many electrical contractors including the ongoing need or demand for qualified labor, control of efficiency, quality and expense on out of area/town projects, and fluctuating profit margins and frequent schedule compressions. Prefabrication can even provide an advantage on project quotes by minimizing added labor expenses in highly competitive bid situations.

In commercial construction, labor cost is the single largest expense for an electrical contractor and can make or break a project’s profitability. How can you make your projects more competitive and profitable? Replace the tedious, repetitive portion of conventional installation with an innovative, prefabricated solution.

Prefabrication Provides Many Contractor Benefits:

Cost Reduction

Reduce costs from a project and improve efficiencies by leveraging prefabricated assemblies. By utilizing prefabrication, you purchase the products you required for the job without the need to meet minimum order requirements. When the job is complete, there is no leftover material to move and inventory.

Our account team can help you identify opportunities to standardize on certain assemblies to maximize efficiency and contain costs.  Project schedules can be accelerated and weather delays can be minimized.


With prefabrication, you know exactly what to expect each time you order, and won’t be surprised by something unexpected. This consistency in product saves you time and efficiency. Utilizing technology to identify what assembly is needed and where it should be installed reduces on-site labor and can help ensure the overall quality of the installation. It also helps minimize potential mistakes and reworking required on jobsites.


When products are needed at a jobsite, it can be a logistic nightmare trying to coordinate ordering, shipping, managing resources and the actual install. With ordering prefabricated products from French Gerleman, we take the headache out of the process. Store your prefab products on the job site.  Ask about “Store-N-Go” French Gerleman’s onsite material management solution.

Working with our manufacturer partners, French Gerleman helps you determine the prefabrication solution you need to help keep your project organized and on time. The exact quantities of assemblies ordered are delivered direct to the job site — with project-specific packaging and labeling to reduce material handling and inventory costs. We can also employ job site carts to further enhance the efficiencies of your pre-fab solution.

Here are 3 Popular Prefabricated Solutions That Our Customers Can Choose From:

B-Line Ruff-IN™ Pre-Fabricated Assemblies

Eaton’s B-Line Series Ruff-IN Pre-Fab Assemblies feature a comprehensive line of products and solutions to fulfill virtually any electrical contractor request.  Our unparalleled service delivers quick turn-around times on quoting and assemblies, and our sales tools help the customer detail cost savings, and aid in constructing pre-fab quotations.

Thomas & Betts eFab

From online to on-site, eFAB™ by Thomas & Betts reduces labor, inventory and shipping costs.  The online tool lets electrical contracting professionals design, order and schedule shipment of Steel City® prefabricated rough-in electrical assemblies. Includes ARRA compliant and IBEW made products.


Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Pre-wired Raceway

Hubbell’s pre-wired raceway systems will accommodate your power and data requirements as your facility changes over time. Pre-wired raceways provide you with the benefit of keeping your fast track projects on schedule, and completing the job on time! Our pre-wired raceway solutions will save up to 45% of the installation time needed for field installing component raceway parts.


For more information on how French Gerleman can help you include prefabrication on your next job, contact your French Gerleman Account Manager or click here.

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