Solving Commercial Power Issues with SolaHD

Lights flickering in the office.

Machines on the factory floor experiencing lapses in power.

Unpredictable IT and phone system outages.

Sound familiar?

According to recent Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) research, power-related problems cost U.S. companies between $119 billion and $188 billion per year. And 80% of the time, the source of those problems is inside the facility experiencing them.

Commercial facility Nearly all industrial facilities and office buildings deal with some type of power quality issue, and they manifest themselves in different ways. Sometimes the issue presents a minor inconvenience, like an occasional flicker of lights. Other times, it causes major disruption, inconvenience, and expense. But whether you are dealing with a major or minor issue, it can be affordably prevented and avoided with products from our partners at SolaHD. 

How Do SolaHD Control Power Products Work?

Think of SolaHD power quality solutions from French Gerleman as the great equalizer in your facility’s electrical system. Power is distributed in a facility in peaks (high voltage) and valleys (low voltage).

There is an entire family of SolaHD power quality solutions designed to address specific commercial power issues. One example is a power conditioner, a commonly used power quality solution. Power conditioners are transformers with additional circuitry that identify and cut off the peaks of voltage surges, and use that extra voltage to fill in the valleys. The result is cleaner and more stable power consumption for your facility.

When equipment isn’t operating, the cost to repair the issue or replace the machine isn’t your only loss. Downtime in productivity means employees aren’t working and products aren’t being produced. SolaHD power quality solutions help you ensure clean power is provided to the most critical equipment that keeps your company moving. SolaHD power quality solutions ensure that when a power disruption occurs, your machines operate and shut down safely and your Ethernet network is protected from surges and noise.

French Gerleman offers SolaHD power quality solutions that can be installed in your facility’s electrical panel, distributing clean power throughout the building. But we also offer products designed to provide clean power to individual machines. Our solutions present the flexibility to provide a prescriptive solution to your organization’s specific power issues.

Storm-Proof Your Facility’s Electrical System

A large surge in voltage, which is common when lightning strikes your facility, can cause major damage to your electrical equipment. A 15,000 to 25,000-volt lightning bolt can increase your electrical flow by 100 times its normal rate. When that happens, sockets get charred. Digital equipment gets destroyed. And your company faces major downtime and cost.

The SolaHD line of products available from French Gerleman has solutions designed to protect your facility in the event of a lightning strike. In addition to providing reliable clean energy during daily operation, a SolaHD power conditioner works to ensure if the unpredictable happens, it won’t disrupt your operations.

What’s the SolaHD Installation Process?

When a customer reaches out with a power issue, we first work to identify its source. We need to determine first if the issue is internal, or if it originates with your electrical utility. Most of the time, the problem is internal. If we determine that’s the case, we work to isolate the issue. Sometimes it’s a motor with bad bearings or an older piece of equipment that’s long overdue for replacement. If the source of the issue is electrical noise caused by voltage surges or drops, we identify what’s causing it and select the proper SolaHD solution for addressing it.

Are you ready to fix those flickering lights, eliminate the threat of downtime caused by a power issue, and take control of your company’s power consumption and distribution? Reach out to your French Gerleman Account Manager or contact us today to discuss what SolaHD solutions can do for you and the facility you manage.

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