We Solve a Customer’s Issue & the Result Wins a Readers’ Choice Award

We often meet customers who are frustrated with a current product they are using and they can’t seem to find a solution. We enjoy helping identify new, better solutions for customers to improve their efficiency and profitability.  Here’s a great testament to our success…

About 18 months ago, we had a customer reach out to us needing new gloves. The model they were using at the time was not doing a good job holding up to the heat and was puncturing much too easily. We offered them numerous samples of gloves to their specifications, but none of them were quite right. We then reached out to Superior Glove to see if they could develop a custom glove that would meet all of the customer’s requirements. Superior Glove said yes, and they started the process of designing and testing a new glove.

The result of this effort is the new Dragon Glove from Superior Glove!

The Dragon High-Heat Gloves are designed to withstand temperatures as high as 600 degrees Fahrenheit, while remaining flexible and extremely sturdy.  Featuring Kevlar®, these gloves will not melt on contact with open flame or hot materials. The seamless-knit construction provides unparalleled dexterity and comfort for workers.

“Our employees love these gloves, we only hear good things. In the past, our employees were constantly complaining about how they hated the feel of the old gloves and how they had to constantly swap them out,” said our customer. “Not only are they able to withstand the heat, but they cannot be pierced as easily as our old gloves.”

The cost savings are also impressive. They had to replace their old gloves daily, and the new Dragon Gloves last one to two weeks each. This will save them nearly $100,000 a year!

“When we came to French Gerleman, we were frustrated trying to find a glove that met all of our needs. The FG team were great to work with. Not finding that perfect glove, they helped us work with Superior Glove to develop the Dragon Glove. This was a unique experience for us, and we are extremely grateful to French Gerleman and Superior Glove for stepping up to help us create a glove that exceeds our expectations!”

Not only do we and our client think this glove is pretty wonderful, but so does the Industrial Safety & Hygiene News! They named the Dragon glove one of the 2016 Readers’ Choice Award Winners. Be sure to check it out.

Have any questions on the Dragon Glove from Superior Glove or want to learn more about safety products and how French Gerleman can help you? Give Tim Struyk, Account Manager for Safety Products and Services a call at 314-213-5858 or email him at tstruyk@frenchgerleman.com.

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