Solar Incentives Make Now the Right Time to Switch to Solar

The popularity of solar power systems continues to grow as the technology behind harnessing sunlight as a renewable energy source evolves and improves. Thanks to lower power bills, tax credits, and utility incentives, it is one of the few improvements building owners can make that has a measurable return on investment (ROI) over the life of the system.

There are several factors that make 2020 a great year to install a solar power system. Why now is the best time in the foreseeable future to make the switch to solar?

solar incentives

Federal Tax Credits and Utility Incentives Are Still Available

To encourage the installation of solar power systems, the United States Federal Government offers a tax credit to homeowners and businesses. However, time is of the essence.  The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), passed by Congress in 2015, calls for a step-down in credits: 30% in 2019, 26% in 2020, 22% in 2021, and starting in 2022, 10% for commercial and utility projects but nothing for residential installations. Installing in 2020 is the best opportunity to save the most on your project.

In addition to federal tax credits, there are incentives offered by some Missouri utility companies for qualified projects. French Gerleman works closely with solar integrators to review available incentives to support the development of solar power systems suitable for each application while helping to maximize incentives for the property owners.

Choosing the Appropriate System to Qualify

When solar energy was still emerging, many were focused on living off the grid. While there are certainly off-the-grid systems in use, the far more common application is to tie a solar system into the electrical utility’s power grid. This ensures that the building’s primary source of power is its solar system, but it is not left without power when the sun is not shining.

If a system is generating less power than needed, the building can use power from the grid. If the system’s power generation is greater its needs, the excess power is sent to the grid for use elsewhere and it will offset charges on the building’s monthly utility bill. Before approving the system for installation, the utility will review the application to make ensure it is properly sized to not consistently overproduce based on the home or business’s typical usage.

French Gerleman works with solar integrators to help ensure that the systems you install will achieve approval. We stock bi-directional meters to measure the solar energy used by the building and the amount of energy being sent back to the grid.

A History of Expertise in Solar Supply

With a 10-year history supporting solar integrators in the Midwest, French Gerleman is the trusted distributor a growing number of solar integrators turn to in our region. We have the in-house expertise, reliable inventory of proven products, and manufacturer connections to ensure you have the solutions you need when you need them.

Whether you have a question about incentives, product availability, or anything else pertaining to your solar integration business, contact us today to get the solutions and answers you need.

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