SolaHD Introduces Pair of Products to Open Up Space in Automation Control Panels

Whether you’re a design engineer laying out a new control panel for a customer, or you’re managing your company’s control panel on the shop floor, space is likely the one thing you wish you had more of. With an ever-growing number of components and technologies available to enable automated manufacturing, space is at a premium in today’s automation control panels.

When designing a panel or adding a component to it, you’re constantly looking for ways to add space without compromising performance. SolaHD hears you and is introducing two new products designed to save valuable panel space and meet the growing requirements of today’s modern manufacturing facility.

Introducing the SDN-D Power SupplySolaHD's SDN-D power supply

What could you do with 20% to 33% more space in your control panels? Thanks to SolaHD’s SDN-D, that’s a question worth asking. The SDN-D power supply is 20% to 33% narrower than the previous SDN-C power supply model from SolaHD, depending on amp rating. It is also more efficient than the SDN-C product for less wasted power, less heat, and less stress on other circuitry in the control panel.

In addition to its smaller footprint, the SDN-D delivers on features and performance. It boasts dual output terminals for connecting multiple loads. And a Bi-color LED diagnostic indicating light provides instant visual indication of the power supply’s operating status. The three-turn trim potentiometer instead of a single turn trim potentiometer makes it easier to fine tune the output voltage to prevent accidental damage to sensitive equipment. Significantly less inrush current upon being energized simplifies the line-side circuit breaker requirements.

There’s also an SCM connector for linking a communications module from a separate network. This provides the ability for users to set maintenance reminders to enhance preventative maintenance programs. It’s also able to warn when load current deviates from expected levels as well as when ambient temperature changes unexpectedly. The system can also provide data to your diagnostic software applications.

SolaHD SDU AC - A Series Industrial UPSAC and DC DIN Rail-Mount UPS Unit

If it’s space savings you’re after, SolaHD’s new DIN Rail Mount Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is another new product you’ll likely be interested in. Offered in both an AC and DC DIN Rail mount version, these UPS systems offer convenient methods for providing backup power to automation control systems to facilitate an orderly shutdown in the event of loss of power. The DIN Rail mount features of both the AC and DC models offer significant space saving over traditional tower units. Both units are also rated for extreme temperature environments from -40 degree C to +70 degree C. High heat batteries allow for reliable back-up protection for years in 50 degree C spaces. The communication and relay card slot in the AC model provides various communication options without increasing the size of the unit.

But perhaps the biggest development from the new UPS units from SolaHD is that the newly designed AC unit will feature a replaceable battery. In the past, when the battery was worn down on your UPS unit, that meant you had to remove and discard the entire unit. Now on the AC unit, you can simply replace the battery.

In a perfect world, you’ll never need your UPS. It does nothing at all as long as there is normal power coming into the panel. But should you lose power, the UPS unit provides backup power for a short period of time until normal power comes back. Even more, if normal power isn’t restored in a timely fashion, the UPS provides enough power to have an orderly shutdown of your process, preventing spoiled batches and lost product.

French Gerleman Has Your Solutions

Both new space-saving products from SolaHD are expected to hit the market in the coming months and will be available through French Gerleman. But if you’re working through panel designs now, contact your Account Manager or reach out to your nearest branch today to get answers and specs you need to include them in your design plans. Better, faster, and smaller are the three keys to innovation in your automation control panel. SolaHD’s SDN-D Power Supply and AC and DC Rail-Mount UPS Unit delivers on all three.

French Gerleman offers the full SolaHD product suite in select geographic areas. Contact us for more information.

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