Saving Space With Panduit’s Smart Control Panel Solutions

When it comes to your manufacturing floor, efficiency is everything. Time management and energy efficiency are often the top-of-mind issues related to this topic but using your space efficiently can be just as important. That’s why Panduit is not only designing their control panel solutions to include the latest efficiency demands, but also to be compact and simple to use.

Manufacturing floors have a limited amount of space.  A machine’s footprint size can drastically impact costs and flexibility. Control panels are an essential part of any manufacturing facility, and traditional designs can leave a significant amount of unused space. Panduit has solved that problem, developing products that can utilize all available space in a panel, or reduce unneeded space.

Space-Saving Solutions

When designing solutions to save space, Panduit  factors in space considerations into product development. This allows your engineers the ability to design enclosures to be able to support structural elements rather than just the sub-panel. This can even include mounting elements on the door. Designing control panels with 3D infrastructure can also allow the enclosure to be divided into various compartments, which allows for better separation of power and control voltages, leading to a safer panel layout.

Space optimizing products from Panduit are designed to reduce space as much as 40%, as well as decrease electromagnetic interference (EMI) “noise.” They decrease noise by:

  • Bonding and grounding electrical systems to create a return path for noise from all components
  • Segregating and shielding of electrical and communication cabling by putting all the high EMI emitting components on one side
Conventional Panel Layout
Conventional Panel Layout

Panduit’s innovative PanelMaxTM DIN Rail Wiring Duct and Corner Wiring Duct can dramatically optimize space while future-proofing your control panel.  This innovative wire management solution that maximizes space utilization within industrial enclosures for flexibility in panel layout and reduced material and installation costs.

If you need noise mitigation, PanelMaxTM Shielded Wiring Duct and Noise Shield creates a barrier to route, separate and shield your sensitive wiring from noise emission and allow your pathways to be placed in closer proximity.  Its shielding provides up to 20dB reduction in noise which is the equivalent of six inches of air spacing between noise-emitting and sensitive wiring.

Optimized Layout
Optimized Layout

Panduit’s Smart Control Panel Solutions also include more visual warnings, increasing personal safety.

Last year, Panduit also released their new Circular Data Access Port. This permanently mounted port allows quick, safe access to into internal networks. Not only are these more space-efficient than standard rectangular ports, they can cut down on installation time by up to 50%.

Preparing for the Future With Smart Control Panel Solutions

While saving space is essential, these products also focus on preparing your facility for the future. Panduit’s Smart Control Panel Solutions can help you organize and protect your network throughout the plant. Whether it is the control panel itself, wiring duct or data access ports, Panduit’s solutions allow for great expansion, accessibility and diagnostic tests. The products meet the most demanding industry requirements, and are available in various performance levels, with options to fit your needs, and allow for system flexibility moving forward.

If you’d like to learn more about upgrading your control panels, Panduit has a brochure on the topic, or contact us or your French Gerleman Account Manager for more information.

Want to order these or other Panduit products online?  Visit our Panduit page.

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