Save Time with the New Cablefix® X Cable Entry System by LUTZE

Industrial facilities must continuously identify products and processes to enhance operational efficiencies. That’s why French Gerleman works closely with our manufacturer partners to identify products to help streamline projects. One example is the installation of cable into panels or enclosures. It’s a basic process, but it can be very time-consuming for workers in your facility – until now!

Introducing Cablefix® X, the latest addition by LUTZE to their existing line of cable management systems. Launched in June, 2019, Cablefix® X simplifies installation while keeping high levels of ingress protection. This cable entry system is ideal for high cable density areas and light strain relief.

Cablefix® X

How Cablefix® X Simplifies Installation

The design of the Cablefix® X entry system allows for cables to be easily installed by simply pushing the end of the cable through the seal on the front of the panel. Installation of the panel itself is simple in that it can be bolt-mounted with the hardware provided, or snapped into enclosures with a 1.5mm wall thickness. Entry points are sealed, so there is no need to stock or install blanking plugs for unused entry points, and all mounting hardware is included.

Cablefix® XBenefits of Cablefix® X include:

  • Up to 80% installation time-savings compared to individual cable glands
  • Reduces cabinet space required for cable entry by 50% versus traditional cable glands, allowing more space for other components, or even allowing for use of a smaller enclosure
  • Provides indoor and outdoor protection
  • Entry points sealed to protect up to UL Type 4x, 12, 13 and IP65
  • Compatible with all major electrical enclosure types
  • Fits onto a standard 112 x 36 mm cutout for easy installation

Partner with French Gerleman to Save Time and Money in Your Facility

French Gerleman offers a variety of products, like LUTZE’s new Cablefix® X line, to help you address your industrial facility’s needs. We know the landscape is evolving (and will continue to evolve into the future), and our goal is to help you be ready.

For more information on Cablefix® X, or any of the timesaving products and services we provide, please reach out to your Account Manager today, or contact French Gerleman for assistance.

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