Safely Address Flood Damage at Your Facility

Flooding has swept over much of the Midwest over the past weeks and months, with river levels reaching near-record highs in many areas. Countless homeowners and businesses find themselves under water, anxiously waiting for the day the rivers settle back into their beds. Once this happens, it will be cleanup time. When it comes to your business, it’s best to plan now to get your facility back online as quickly as possible.

The Damaging Impact of Floodwater on your Facility’s Equipment

Floodwaters can be particularly damaging to electrical equipment.  It carries debris, silt, and can possibly include chemical and waste runoff. You may spot damage immediately, or symptoms may only manifest over time. In fact, there is still a risk of fire and electrical malfunction even after the equipment is dry.

Critical electrical components, including motor control centers and power distribution equipment, that were in contact with flood waters must be replaced.  If you are unsure if specific components were in water, they should be inspected before being put back into service.  While some components themselves may not have been in floodwaters, wiring or associated components may have been impacted. If so, they should be replaced before the system is restarted.

Expedite your Flood Recovery Process

While river levels have begun to slowly drop in many areas, we face a long road of cleanup ahead. Many companies will find themselves in need of the same parts, equipment and services. This increased demand can mean long lead times for the parts you need to get your facility back online. You may face even more lost days, or even weeks, as you try to recover from this historic flooding.

French Gerleman’s breadth of inventory and local delivery helps you minimize this downtime as much as possible. We can provide the replacement parts for your critical equipment and expedite any non-stocks to help cut down lead times. If you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to contact us now, even before the water exits the building, to get the process started.

Here are some additional tips to help you get your facility back online after the floods:


  • Have a qualified electrician inspect electrical equipment as soon as it’s safe to re-enter the area.
  • Inspect the location for standing water and clean up any surrounding areas.
  • Look to replace damaged fittings, lighting fixtures, wiring for dry use, circuit interrupters, switches, and fuses. Review the full list of items in “Evaluating Water-Damaged Electrical Equipment.”
  • When using portable generators, be careful as they pose fire and exhaust hazards and should only be used outdoors. Never connect them directly to the electrical system.
  • As you are replacing electrical components, consider installing the replacements above the flood lines, if possible, to avoid damage during future flooding.

Flooding can be destructive and overwhelming, but we’re here to help.  Reach out to your French Gerleman Account Manager today, or contact us to start you road to recovery.

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