Rockwell Automation’s Automation Fair Event & Process System Users Group Recap

Every year we look forward to Rockwell Automation’s Automation Fair event, and we recently joined thousands in the windy city of Chicago. As always, the Fair featured sneak peeks at all of the new automation technologies from our partners at Rockwell Automation.

Automation Fair 2019 broke the record as the largest to date! But it wasn’t the only educational opportunity by Rockwell Automation – it was proceeded by the Process Solutions Users Group, an industry leading event giving insight into the latest of process automation technology.

Process Solutions User Group

Process System Users Group

During Rockwell Automaton’s Process System Users Group (PSUG), the focus was on solutions and upcoming trends. It’s no longer enough to have smart instruments and analytics – we must fully leverage the information they gather. Industries such as specialty chemical and food & beverage will benefit especially from the latest version of Rockwell Automation’s Process System, and how it integrates analytics, AI and hardware solutions.

Rockwell also announced the release of the new PlantPAx 5.0 process controllers in 2020, which were demonstrated at the event. Follow us on social media to be the first to know when we release more information to the public.

Automation Fair 2019Automation Fair

The Automation Fair event had another successful year and continued to break records for both attendance and Encompass Partner involvement. There was a wealth of information shared and new products introduced at the Fair, some of which we’ve highlighted:


Rockwell Automation formed a strategic partnership with PTC in 2018, positioning them as the partner of choice for customers around the world who want to transform their physical operations with digital technology. Since that time, they’ve been working together to best utilize all of the information that smart devices are now collecting across the operation to gather helpful, usable analytics.

One powerful tool discussed at Automation Fair was Chalk from PTC. Chalk integrates augmented reality into two-way video calls, similar to Apple’s Facetime. Chalk allows users to draw on the screen and share their drawings with the other caller.  To learn more or download a free demo of Chalk, visit

Emulate3DEmulate3D from Rockwell Automation

Developing, building, and testing a new control system is a costly endeavor – and once you build it, you can’t be certain that everything will work as precisely planned. That’s where Emulate3D from Rockwell Automation can help. This innovative system allows you to develop, test and produce robust PLC and control systems offline with digital transformation, or recreate an existing system digitally so you can run simulations, tie them into Rockwell Automation controllers, and test what you are designing before building it.

Logix AI from Rockwell Automation

Logix AI is an in-rack ControlLogix analytics module which applies analytics within the controller application. It’s designed to improve processes by applying machine learning concepts without needing a data scientist.


Safety remains one of the top topics in automation, and for good reason. Rockwell Automation has expanded their safety I/O offering to include in-rack safety modules in both the ControlLogix and CompactLogix families.  These new products shrink the footprint of the control system and are ideal for OEMs.

Programmable logic controllers (PLC) and programmable automation controllers (PAC) have advanced since the 1970s and continue to improve. Traditionally, safety systems have run separately from PLCs, but now they can integrate both safety and standard control in one PAC for a truly integrated system.

GuardLink by Rockwell Automation provides a smarter way to manage component-level safety. GuardLink is a PLe-certified safety-based communications protocol that uses standard cabling in a trunk and drop topology with plug-and-play connections.  It can significantly reduce the time required to wire safety devices while providing device location and delivering diagnostics, remote reset, and lock commands all over a single cable.


MyRockwellAutomation is Rockwell Automation’s personalized web portal that provides customers access to their information, such as previous Installed Base Evaluation (IBE) reports, their TechConnect contract status, etc. They can create their own bills of materials and share them internally or with their distributor. MyRockwellAutomation helps users to more quickly be able to find the information that is specifically relevant to them.

Whether it’s the latest in process improvements, automation, or safety, French Gerleman’s partnership with Rockwell Automation helps to ensure we are providing you with the latest and best products and information. For more in depth information on the products featured at Automation Fair or PSUG, please contact us or reach out to your French Gerleman Account Manager.

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