Rockwell Automation’s 2018 Automation Fair Event Highlights

In mid-November, the French Gerleman team traveled to Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, for a two-day sneak peek at all of the new automation technologies from our friends at Rockwell Automation. During this year’s Automation Fair, we had the opportunity to experience more than 150 exhibits featuring amazing products that are leading the industry from Rockwell Automation and its Encompass Partners. The French Gerleman team was joined by 70 customers who took advantage of the opportunity to participate in this knowledge gathering, including more than 400 hours of available educational experiences.

Automation Fair 2018 Entrance

Rockwell Automation’s Automation Fair event helps to bridge the gaps for manufacturers in an ever-changing industry. As the lines between Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) continue to blur, this knowledge is critical. The event offered a host of educational sessions to keep our team and customers up-to-date on products which will help to move them forward in the industry. Educational opportunities included forums, hands-on labs and technical sessions.

Following is a list of some of the new and featured products from Rockwell Automation on display that we are proud to offer to our customers.

ArmorView™ Plus 7 Graphic Terminal
ArmorView™ Plus 7 Graphic Terminal

ArmorView™ Plus 7 Graphic Terminal

This convenient, flexible terminal features an IP66 rated exterior and push button design, offering a low-cost, cabinet-free HMI solution.  Its fully enclosed design is a space-saver, designed to be mounted from a swing arm, pedestal, or any fixed surface.

ThinManager® Software Version 11

Improve visualization, usability and security with the many new features offered in ThinManager® version 11. Take advantage of enhanced efficiency with FactoryTalk Activation to activate and manage your software. Version 11 also includes Facial Recognition as an additional authentication method for users.

PlantPAx® Distributed Control System Release

There are many useful benefits included in the latest system release by PlantPAx that your facility may take advantage of for smart system capabilities and increased productivity. Single server is now available for small systems. In addition, the Update of the Rockwell Automation Library of Process Objects includes new power and IEC61850 device libraries.

VersaView® 5200 Thin Clients Portfolio Expansion

Thin Manager® stands ready to handle your centralized management needs in your modern facility. The 5200 offers options for single display through multi-4K display thin clients, as well as dual 4K display for complex applications requiring dual screens. VersaView® 5200 thin clients are Thin Manager® ready.

Compact GuardLogix® 5380 Safety Controller

Compact GuardLogix® 5380 Safety Controller

Right size your safety solutions and optimize your cost and performance! The new GuardLogix® safety controller is a scalable, integrated, high performance control solution that adheres to the latest global safety standards. It’s optimized for faster safety reaction time to help reduce safe distance and risk of injury.

FLEX 5000™ I/O SFP Adapters

The FLEX 5000™ line offers excellent reliability and flexibility. There are many features that allow for operation in extreme environments, as well as enhanced communication capabilities. FLEX 5000™ also boasts an ethernet adapter with small form factor (SFP) support for flexible media, Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) and Device Level Ring (DLR) support for high-availability in Ethernet networks. Adaptors are available in extreme environment (XT) and non-XT models.

PowerFlex 755T AC Drives: Product Line Expansion

This newly expanded family of AC drives increases power ranges 10-6000 Hp, and provides enhanced adaptive control capabilities and additional predictive maintenance features. All new features are designed to reduce unplanned downtime and improve uptime.

Stratix 5800 Ethernet Switch
Stratix 5800 Ethernet Switch

Stratix 5800 Ethernet Switch

The Stratix 5800 is a modular, scalable 12-26 port switch featuring a 10-port base with 8- or 16-port expansion modules. Optimized integration and high-performance layer 2 or layer 3 firmware options are available in this next generation switch.

Integrated Safety Functions Option Module for PowerFlex 755 and 755T AC Drives

New advanced, integrated safety functions are now available with the PowerFelx 755, 755TL, 755 TR, and 755 TM AC Drives. Additional features include four, embedded general-purpose safety inputs and two safety outputs, and ratings up to and including SIL, CL3, cat. 4 and PLe. Safety instructions for these PowerFlex drives are based on IEC 61800-5-2. Specific functions: STO, SS1, SLS, SDI, SBC, and SLP; while PowerFlex®755T drives also offer SS2 and SOS.

Control Tower™ 856T Tower Lights

The Bulletin 856T Control Tower Stack Light signaling system is built with a proven modular design, and offers reliable performance in tough environmental conditions. The system features IPP66/67 ingress rating and multi-function/multi-channel light modules in 7 different colors – all available in one module! Sounders minimize installation and set-up time, and selection is made easy with better stock availability.

1494U Universal Visible Blade Disconnect Switches

Available in 200, 400, and 600 Amp models, these switches from Allen-Bradley® are easily configurable and allow for the same switch to connect to a threaded rod or cable mechanism. The switches require up to 50% less panel space due to their multiport lug design. They address the needs across many industries and can be deployed anywhere with global certifications.

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As always, we valued the opportunity to learn more about these, and many other innovative automation products, and look forward to sharing this knowledge with you. For more information on the products featured at the Rockwell Automation Fair, or on any other items we at French Gerleman can assist you with, please contact us or your Account Manager.

Stay tuned for a second blog post highlighting new and featured products from key Rockwell Automation Encompass Partners.

Please save the date for next year’s Automation Fair which on November 20-21, 2019, in Chicago, IL. French Gerleman will offer travel packages. Watch for information in late summer 2019.

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