The Most Popular Sessions at Automation Fair® At Home 2020

Last month we wrote a blog post detailing our team’s picks for the best and most informative Product & Technology sessions at the 2020 virtual Automation Fair® At Home event, hosted by Rockwell Automation. There was no shortage of topics covered at this digital event, so today we’re going to help you prioritize by sharing the ones that were most popular among French Gerleman customers who attended.

If you didn’t attend Automation Fair At Home live in November, we’ve got some good news. Every session is still available on demand, and registration for the event is still available and completely free. Register today and then dive into our customers’ preferred sessions as detailed below.

Automation Fair at Home

Keynote Perspectives Presentations

Traditionally, the Perspectives keynote sessions at Automation Fair were exclusively for the press. This year, Rockwell Automation invited all attendees into the digital sessions to hear directly from the executive leaders of the company and its key partners on new initiatives and product launches, and how they will impact the world from a broader global perspective.

Perspectives Day 1 – Imagine YOUR Next with Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation CEO Blake Moret discusses recent acquisitions and expanded relationships with key partners, including Microsoft and PTC. He details how these strategic maneuvers are enabling the company to advance its capabilities and better serve manufacturers’ needs, specifically as we work through changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. The session also includes input from several other Rockwell leaders across the company’s control, software, and intelligent device portfolio.

Perspectives Day 2 – Define OUR Next Together

The Day 2 Perspectives keynote is kicked off by First Robotics founder Dean Kamen, who now serves as president of the non-profit Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI). ARMI aims to scale the significant human tissue generation discoveries made in labs over the past three decades into practical cures for many of the chronic diseases we face as humans today. Dean and several other executives from inside and outside of Rockwell Automation discuss the key role automation plays in ARMI’s fascinating work.

Perspectives Day 3 – Discover YOUR Next: Inspire Innovation

Motivational speaker Jason Silva delivers an excellent Perspectives keynotes presentation, exploring the historical and future relationship between technological transformation and expanding human possibility. Jason is the host of National Geographic’s BrainGames, and brings an inspiring perspective to the rapid and exponential change and disruption we are experiencing in today’s world of industrial innovation. Following Jason’s presentation, several industrial practitioners provide inspirational stories of how their companies are innovating and thriving during the pandemic.

Most Popular Breakout Sessions

PT37 – Loop Tuning: Help Eliminate the Guesswork of Tuning PID Controllers

Control Station Vice President, Engineering Bob Rice details proven methods and available tools for eliminating the guesswork associated with tuning oscillatory, noisy control loops. He demonstrated how to achieve consistent, optimal results with a simple and repeatable approach.

PRPT01 – Overview of the New PlantPAx® 5.0 System: What’s New and What’s Next?

PlantPAx® 5.0 is Rockwell Automation’s new flagship system for using a plant-wide approach that scales from skids to large operations and provides actionable information for data-driven enterprise-wide decision making. PlantPAx® Marketing Manager Blair Wilson demonstrates how this modern approach to a DCS, with the addition of new workflows, controllers, and availability features, helps streamline projects and reduce engineering efforts.

IF01 – Ready or Not, the Remote OEM Future is Here

In 2020, even the most advanced OEMs were forced to instantly adapt to new ways of doing business. This panel discussion features OEMs who have embraced new ways of working and responded to the challenge with innovation. These trailblazers share their stories, roadblocks, and victories as they’ve navigated for the new and coming realities in innovation, accessibility, worker safety, validation, training, and problem solving.

PT03 – Navigate Change with Modern Remote Support Options

With more employees than ever working remotely and new pressures facing those who remain on the plant floor or in the field, this session details how modern support services from Rockwell Automation can help your organization adjust, adapt, and thrive going forward.

PT38 – Integration of IIoT Devices with Your Allen-Bradley® PLCs over EtherNet/IP

If you’ve asked yourself “What should I do with my existing equipment and systems as my company makes the digital journey to smart devices?” this session is for you. Grace Technologies CTO Andy Zimmerman and Director of Product Marketing Bhanu Srilla show you how to make the best use of your existing systems with EtherNet/IP.

PT01 – Create a Workforce Development Strategy that Works for You

With the industrial skills gap continuing to grow for the foreseeable future, upskilling your existing employees and new hires will be critical to future success. Rockwell Automation’s Brian Fortney, Mary Burgoon, and Nick Creath teach you how to develop a workforce development strategy to mitigate challenges. The team describes actions you can take today to make a difference from machinery design and cybersecurity to e-learning and remote and managed support.

PT04 – The Urgency of Cybersecurity: Take the Next Step

As the need for industrial manufacturers to be connected increases, it further opens the door for malicious activities. This roundtable discussion led by Rockwell Automation Product Manager for Cybersecurity Services Quade Nettles, features cybersecurity leaders discussing how the lessons they’ve learned in the past year will impact the way manufacturers approach security going forward.

PT25 – Fundamentals of EtherNet/IP IIoT Network Technology

Gregory Wilcox, Principal Application Engineer at Rockwell Automation, leads this session exploring the capabilities and features of EtherNet/IP, including an overview of networking technology and terminology. You’ll learn how the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) fully uses the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) 7-layer reference model and enables the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

PT43 – VFD Cable: Essential or Overkill?

Take a closer look at issues that exist in VFD systems, including control and communication issues, motor failure, and drive trips in this presentation led by Steve Wetzel, Principal Engineer at Southwire. More importantly, you’ll learn how a properly terminated VFD cable can help solve them.

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Each year, we welcome the opportunity to learn more about the technology that will transform the way our customers live and work at Rockwell Automation’s Automation Fair event. We also look forward to sharing that knowledge with you. For additional information on any of the products featured at Automation Fair At Home, or for anything else we can assist you with, please contact us or your account manager.

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