Reduce Downtime with HydroDuty Washdown Motors

Introducing the best stainless steel washdown motors in the industry: the HydroDuty from Bluffton Motor Works WEG Group! Designed and manufactured in Bluffton, Indiana, the HydroDuty is designed for dependable operation in harsh, high moisture environments. Typical applications for this motor line include food and beverage processing, car washes, pharmaceuticals and marine applications.

Electrical Specifications

  • Three phase design
  • 2, 4 and 6 pole motors (3450,1725, and 1140 RPM)
  • 208-230/460 volt
  • Continuous duty
  • Insulation system Class F inverter duty
  • Encapsulated windings
  • 60/50 & 60 HZ
  • IP66 Rated
  • 0 & 1.15 service factors

Mechanical Specifications

  • Frame types: face mounted NEMA 56C face, 143TC, 145TC, 182TC and 184TC
  • Rigid or no base
  • TEFC or TENV construction
  • Double-sealed ball bearings
  • Stainless steel shaft

The HydroDuty features an industry-leading warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship, AND includes water intrusion! If water enters the motor and causes it to fail, the motor will be covered under warranty. This warranty makes this product unique –  Bluffton will guarantee that the motor won’t fail because of water ingression inside the motor.

The bearing system in a washdown application is typically the first thing to fail because of the high-pressure spraying the motor endures. The HydroDuty features a triple seal system with an external stainless steel slinger that helps deflect the water from getting past it. Behind that is a check seal that flattens when the motor starts up to keep the water from getting past that section of the motor. Inside of that section there is a third portion of protection – a Viton oil seal that fits against the sealed bearing. With this design, Bluffton provides excellent protection of the bearings, both from the front and rear.

Another key feature of this motor is its full winding encapsulation which prevents water from getting to the electrical system. It also makes the motor inverter duty. The windings are 100% protected with this insulation system. Its SprayGuard encapsulation provides superior protection from water, chemicals and condensation.

The HydroDuty motor includes O-rings on both end shields. This prevents any water that might get past the end shields from entering the frame. The center cavities of the end shields drain diverting moisture away from the bearings. The O-rings have an expanded shell on both ends providing a greater surface area to prevent moisture entry. The press fit end bells, with water blocking O-ring, ensures NO moisture intrusion.

In typical industry conduit boxes, the lead entry hole is a weak point in preventing moisture ingress into a motor. Not with HydroDuty! Their epoxy encapsulated conduit box is completely sealed. This prevents moisture intrusion through the power lead entry.

The HydroDuty also features a waterproof splice kit to keeps connections dry. Its the technology used in submersible pumps. The waterproof splice kit must be installed for warranty to be valid.

The final key feature is the patented Gortex breather vent. The breather vent is press fit into the end shield and allows air to be exchanged internally to the motor. This prevents oil and water contamination inside the motor.

The superior sealing system and encapsulated windings  the HydroDuty provides will help reduce, or eliminate, the two primary causes of all motor failures. This ensures optimal motor performance and decreases unnecessary downtime, which improves profit.

Try HydroDuty motors in your most challenging washdown environment applications. Because it is built for the toughest environments, you should see a decrease in your unnecessary downtime thus increasing production and plant efficiency. Contact your French Gerleman Account Manager to learn more about this industry leading washdown motor.

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