Five Reasons Your School Should Consider LED Lighting Upgrades

Summer break is quickly approaching. It’s the time of year when students leave campus to frolic in the sunshine, attend camp or tackle summer internships. Meanwhile, facilities managers at schools and universities across the country are hard at work performing maintenance projects and upgrading various items around campus.

There are many focus areas for the summer maintenance season, depending on the building’s age and what needs attention. However, this year we’re finding educational facilities of all sizes have one thing in common – a desire to upgrade lighting.

Upgrade your school's classroom lighting to LED for energy & maintenance savings.

The top five reasons driving this trend:

  1. Efficiency.  Visit any college dorm or middle school cafeteria and, chances are, they’re filled with dated, ineffective pendant or can-style lighting. While other types of outdated lighting may be present, these fixtures catch the eye as they’re designed to be decorative. They are also very inefficient by today’s standards. Incandescent lighting like this is hot, and the interior components deteriorate over time. Replacing these fixtures with LED will reduce energy consumption (saving your school money) and require little to no maintenance over their life.
  2. ADA Compliance. Many outdated fixtures in use at educational facilities are not ADA compliant. For example, by ADA standards, wall sconces cannot protrude more than four inches from the wall when installed between 27 and 84 inches from the finished floor level. There is currently an active movement to strictly enforce these requirements. Replacing your outdated sconces will allow you to achieve compliance and take advantage of better efficiency.
  3. Energy Efficiency Incentive Programs. Many utilities in our region offer incentives to encourage you to reduce energy consumption. Depending on the program, you can qualify by upgrading fixtures and/or lamps.  Ameren Missouri and Ameren Illinois, for example, both offer incentives to upgrade fluorescent, incandescent, halogen and HID lighting to LED. When you calculate incentives across your campus, they can quickly add significant funds back into your budget.
  4. Streamlined Maintenance. Fixtures utilizing legacy lighting technologies can require a great deal of time consuming and disruptive maintenance. They also require an inventory of parts which may be unique to each type of fixture. Many of today’s LED retrofit options, such as the linear InstantFit LED Lamps by Philips or Retrofit LED Troffers by Acuity Brands, can be installed in your existing fixtures for a quick and easy upgrade.
  5. Quick, Long-Lasting Fix. While a LED lamp retrofit makes for a quick, efficient fix, upgrading to LED fixtures is a more permanent solution. The lifespan of LED fixtures are significant – freeing your maintenance staff for other projects! No more dragging ladders around, trying to find the right part for the right fixture, or perhaps even cobbling together a solution for an old fixture whose interiors have fallen apart.

Start Today

Our team can help with your lighting upgrade project to take advantage of the great benefits mentioned above. Here at French Gerleman, we stock a wide assortment of these products so they are on hand and ready for your school or university to install.

For more information on which LED fixtures or lamps may be best for your needs, or to get started with your lighting upgrade, reach out to your French Gerleman Account Manager or contact us today.

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