Protect Your People & Property with Integrated Access Control & Video Security Systems

Bosch touchscreen keypad for integrated security systemIs your facility’s security system making it easier or more difficult for you to keep your people and your property safe? As technology has evolved to make our workplaces more secure, it’s come with new responsibilities for IT teams. But staffing hasn’t always expanded at the same rate, leaving many facilities’ IT teams feeling stretched thin.

The next generation of security solutions is aiming to help teams like yours tackle more and do it more efficiently. One such solution is Bosch’s G Series integrated security system which blends access control intrusion prevention and video security into one solution, making it all easier to manage. Let’s explore some of the real life challenges the G Series solves for, and how it helps your team take control of on-site physical security.

Access Control & Video Security Working in Tandem

You need a way for employees to be able to access your facility when they arrive for work. But providing a key to every person on your staff isn’t realistic and doesn’t provide any visibility into who is coming and going, and when. Bosch G Series integrated security systems bring both accessibility and visibility to your company’s entry points.

Employees scan a keycard to receive entry to the facility. Their entry is logged, and a camera in the entryway allows for quick identification of the person using the keycard. The video management system integrates seamlessly with the intrusion detection system ensuring you don’t just see that someone badged in. You see exactly who badged in. If an unauthorized person tries to sneak in or tailgate on someone’s authorized access, the camera captures it as well.

The latest generation of Bosch cameras can capture facial details even with bright backgrounds. Thanks to excellent wide dynamic range, the cameras automatically adjust to the environment to reliably provide the highest quality IP video images.

If there are certain parts of your facility that require an extra layer of security, like labs, Bosch has solutions that require dual authentication. A fingertip scanner paired with a PIN keypad make access easy for the people who have permission to enter, difficult for those who do not, and effortless and secure for the person managing the system.

Bosch motion detector for integrated security systemBosch motion detectors recognize when someone is present in a room and trigger cameras to record activity. These motion detectors are equipped with anti-mask technology. If someone attempts to cover or obstruct a motion detector, the system triggers an overhead panoramic camera that can notify your facilities team and the manager of the security system. Meanwhile, the panoramic camera delivers a 360° overview image with no blind spots. High resolution and virtual pan tilt zoom allow users to see every detail. The camera can also capture meta data, such as shirt color, from the image. If an intruder leaves the area, you can use that meta data to search other cameras and track them down.

Security Beyond the Front Door

While managing employee access is a crucial function of physical security, you also face vulnerabilities beyond the employee entrance to your facility. Consider a package delivery arriving while your shipping clerk is on break. With the Bosch system, when the delivery person rings the bell it triggers an image and notification to the person managing the security system, who can quickly identify the delivery person and provide them with access. If the delivery person leaves the door propped open, the facilities team also receives a notification to address the issue. Monitor delay constantly checks entry points even when disarmed so the facilities manager is always in control and able to address issues.

This technology also makes it easier to manage loading dock surveillance. Motion detecting cameras can alert associates when a truck arrives. If the associate is in another area of the building the panel the camera is connected to can send a text message with a motion detection notification. From their mobile device, the associate can view the camera’s live video and unlock or open the door remotely using Bosch’s Remote Security Control app.

Security and Support After Hours

Bosch autodome starlight security cameraThe Bosch G Series also provides after-hours peace of mind. The entire system can be managed remotely from the security manager’s laptop. Cameras in key areas of the facility can be equipped with video analytics to send alerts when predefined alarms are triggered. So, if someone is spotted in the parking lot who shouldn’t be there, the camera senses loitering and tells the intrusion detection system to send an alarm to a central monitoring station where an operator verifies it. Thanks to Bosch starlight cameras, the operator gets a full color video view of the intruder, even at night. Once verified, the operator can intervene remotely and alert the intruder that they’re being recorded and to vacate the premises.

Meanwhile, the person managing the security system can see it all from a laptop, anytime and anywhere. Dynamic transcoding from Bosch makes it easy to see smooth live video and HD images, even up to 4K, regardless of bandwidth.

Bosch Delivers a Single Integrated Solution

Bosch’s G Series integrated security systems bring access control, intrusion prevention, video surveillance, and remote management all together into a single protection solution for your facility. The French Gerleman team helps IT teams at facilities of all sizes and industries rein in their physical security management. We can help you too. Contact your nearest branch location or reach out to your Account Manager today for a free consultation.

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