Product Spotlight: Dialight’s Vigilant LED High Bays

There’s a reason Dialight high bays are the world’s most widely-installed LED high bay. Dialight’s Vigilant LED High Bays are ultra-high-efficiency, corrosion resistant, and ideal for the toughest environments.

LEDs are known for their efficiency, but not all are resilient enough for heavy industry. The Vigilant LED High Bay is incredibly durable, and ideal for heavy industry, manufacturing, power generation, and cold storage.  It operates in temperatures from -140° F to 149° F.

The award-winning Vigilant series from Dialight boasts exceptional reliability, up to 145 lm/W. They have corrosion-resistant housing, high CRI LEDs, and a purpose-built power supply. For companies looking to conserve energy and minimize costs, Dialight High Bays have a proven history of success.


How Dialight High Bays have Helped Other Companies

From a recent case study, a manufacturing company reported several areas in their facility were suffering from visibility issues. They had used metal halide fixtures, which not only yellowed with age, but were costly to operate and did not achieve the promised lifespan. The poor lighting resulted in their technicians having to use headlamps, and detracted from their image with visitors touring the facility.

Adding to the cost, lamps were constantly failing.  Some locations were difficult to access, adding to labor costs. Several LED options were tested but did not meet specifications. When Dialight’s Vigilant High Bays were tested, the difference was immediate.

The Dialight high bays used 44% less energy per fixture, and had a 10-year warranty, almost eliminating the need for routine maintenance. The company reported $2,300 annual savings from making the switch, not counting the maintenance time.

If you’re looking for efficient lighting solutions which are also durable enough to match your environment, Dialight’s Vigilant LED High Bays may be the right choice for you. For more information, contact us or your French Gerleman Account Manager today.

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