Product Spotlight: Thomas & Betts Dragon Tooth Insulation Piercing Connectors

Now you might read that headline and think to yourself, “French Gerleman has gone mad. Why on earth are they talking about Dragon’s teeth?” We haven’t completely gone crazy, but we are in love with Thomas & Betts newest product, the Dragon Tooth Insulation Piercing Connectors. In this blog, we will take a closer look at what it is and how it can help you. Let us dive right in!

With the Dragon Tooth, you can splice, tap and terminate magnet wire quickly and easily, without any problems. Tough, high temperature insulation on magnet wire that is used by electrical motor and transformer manufactures can create problems in splicing and termination. The durability of magnet wire insulation, while great, the process of removing the insulation by chemical stripping and/or mechanical means can be toxic, time consuming, and a safety concern. That’s where Thomas & Betts came in with a solution.

The Dragon Tooth eliminates the need for chemical stripping and other methods of removing the insulation. That sounds pretty amazing, right? It gets even better. There are no special operator skills needed. The connector and matching tooling do the entire job.

Thomas & Betts Dragon Tooth connectors and installation tools are designed to splice, tap and terminate magnet wire from 32 AWG to 460,000 CMA copper and from 20 AWG to 460,000 CMA aluminum conductors in motor and transformer applications. It can penetrate the insulation and oxide layers to make electrical contact on magnet wiring, with the result being permanent, low-resistance electrical connections that are capable of maintaining contact integrity throughout the life of the connection.

Here are a few additional highlights on the connectors:

  • Made of copper alloy, tin plated, with teeth on the inner surface
  • Splices and taps have an open side enabling easy access to wire and making internal coil tapping possible
  • For aluminum to copper, aluminum to aluminum or copper to copper magnet wire connections
  • Supplied with bolt holes to accommodate No. 6 through 1/2″ studs and includes male and female .250 x .032″ disconnects
  • Splices and fork terminals accommodate wire sizes 24 AWG to 12 AWG in a variety of combinations, including combining magnet wire with stripped wire lead. For solid or stranded wire #20 to #4/0 AWG
  • Larger connectors accommodate circular mil range from 50,000 to 460,000 cm
  • Connector and matching tooling do the entire job

An electrically sound, low-resistance connection is established as a result of the combination of high-pressure at the edges of the teeth and the sliding action between the teeth and the conductor. The open barrel design permits midspan splicing and tapping.

For more information on the Dragon Tooth Insulation Piercing Connectors or how to select a connector, you can download the T&B Dragon Tooth PDF. Or, contact your Account Manager today to learn more! You’ll be saying, “how have I gone this long without Dragon Tooth?”

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