Product Spotlight: Panduit One-to-One Switch Patching

One of the key problems we see business data centers encounter is the spaghetti mess of cabling when running patch cords from their servers to their patch panels. Not only does this look disorganized and messy, but can also cause a nightmare when trying to identify a specific cord. At French Gerleman, we are currently in the process of updating our own data center with Panduit’s one-to-one switch patching, and wanted to share with you the difference it has made for our company.

Our Datacom Division Manager, Joe Dody, and VP of Information Technology, Jason Stockmann, explain why we decided to move to Panduit’s One-to-One Switch Patching, how the process went and our results to date.

Jason explains that the biggest problem we’ve struggled with is how to identify things on the network and where things were plugged in. When you’re dealing with more than 200 cords, it can quickly become a mess and can cause a lot of frustration when you are trying to track down the location of a specific issue. That can take quite some time.

According to Jason, “we looked at our system and asked ourselves what can we do better?” The result? We decided to standardize on eight inch patch cables so that we could easily identify if we had a problem on one specific cord. Today, we can go right to that switch, not only more quickly, but without the headache of searching through a tangled mess. Plus, the look of the updated data center is clean, efficient and saves us time when making changes or updates.

It took us time to plan, map out and document every port. The wiring and cables were all different sizes, colors, lengths and were all tangled up, so it took some time to get it organized. After we did that, we were able to come in and make the cords more efficient, clean and easier to manage. We now have a nice looking, better organized data center!

And now for the most exciting part. This is something Panduit can do for our clients, whether you are doing a new build out or retrofitting your existing datacenter or telecommunications room, French Gerleman is here to help. Give us a call at 800-333-3122 and ask to speak with a representative in our Datacom Division to discuss your options.

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