Product Spotlight: New Eaton’s B-Line series Conduit Trapeze Support

Traditionally, strut trapeze is used for hanging and aligning conduit. Eaton has developed their new B-Line series Conduit Trapeze Support to cut down on the number of parts needed and installation time, while adding versatility.

Eaton’s B-Line series Conduit Trapeze Support eliminates the need for pipe clamps at every location, and has a Z-shape design for added strength. Most configurations exceed the maximum load ratings defined by UL/NEC requirements. The flange works with ½” or 3/8” ATR or bolts at regular intervals, and can be cut to size on the field or spliced end-to-end.

Because of its structure, the new Conduit Trapeze Support system requires up to 75% fewer parts than the traditional strut support, and can reduce installation time up to 60%.  There are three standard sizes accommodating up to 4” conduit available in lengths ranging from 12” to 120”.

Download Eaton’s guide to learn how Eaton’s B-Line series conduit trapeze support can save you time and money.

French Gerleman stocks BCTS1 and BCTS2 series in several lengths:

Catalog Number Length Max Conduit Holes Approx WT/PC (LB)
BCTS1-12 12” 1 ¼” EMT / 1” RGD 6 0.87
BCTS1-24 24” 1 ¼” EMT / 1” RGD 12 1.61
BCTS1-36 36” 1 ¼” EMT / 1” RGD 18 2.36
BCTS1-120 120” 1 ¼” EMT / 1” RGD 60 7.57
BCTS2-12 12” 2” EMT / 2” RGD 4 0.94
BCTS2-36 36” 2” EMT / 2” RGD 12 2.54
BCTS2-120 120” 2” EMT / 2” RGD 40 8.13

The BCTS3 series accommodates a maximum of 4” EMT / 4” RGD and, like the others, is available in various lengths. These are in stock at the factory, as are additional lengths in both the BCTS1 and BCTS2 series.

If you’re interested in learning more about Eaton’s B-Line series Conduit Trapeze Support, contact us or your French Gerleman account manager.  Browse our website for pricing, stock levels or to purchase this product series online.

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