Product Spotlight: MC Luminary Cables™ from AFC Cable Systems

This new cable from AFC Cable Systems is built to solve a very specific, and time consuming problem: installation of electronic dimming systems. What’s unique and special with the MC Luminary cables™, is that it contains the lighting and low voltage (dimming) wires in one metal jacket. Therefore, when you install LED lighting, you only have to pull one cable, not two.

Electronic dimming systems require both power cables and control cables in order to control the amount or power supplied to the lights. The current installation methods required for LED and fluorescent electronic dimming systems require both power and control cables to be run parallel and terminated separately. This is not only time consuming, but can also be costly. That’s where AFC came in with their solution.

They developed an easier and more efficient way to deliver both power cables and control cable under one UL listed metal clad armor (MC Cable). Not only does this cut down on costs and installation time, but also creates a cleaner, more organized appearance in the wall.


  • LED and Fluorescent dimming
  • SMART Buildings

For your convenience, MC Luminary Cable™ is available in both lightweight steel and aluminum armor. Here are some more down and dirty details on the MC Luminary Cable™.


  • Solid copper conductors
  • Insulated conductor type THHN and TFN
  • Neutral conductor: white or gray
  • Control cables: 16 AWG solid TFN Twisted jacketed pair (purple/gray)
  • Permits conductors of circuits to be placed in a cable with conductors of electric light, power, or Class 1 circuits
  • May be surface mounted, fished and/or embedded in plaster
  • Maximum voltage rating: 600V

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