Product Spotlight: LUTZE SUPERFLEX® Cables

LUTZE Inc. is a manufacturer of wire and cable for industrial automation. As one of the first suppliers of continuous flexing cables worldwide, they continue to lead the industry with their LUTZE SUPERFLEX® cables. These cables set industry standards for reliability, durability and flexibility and set the bar in longevity for use in continuous motion applications such as c-tracks.

What sets the LUTZE SUPERFLEX® continuous motion cables apart from standard cables used for industrial applications?

Unlike standard static cables, LUTZE SUPERFLEX® cables are designed to withstand the stress of high speed and high acceleration continuous motion. Static cables often use a lower number of strands per conductor and are designed to be flexible for easy routing and handling but are not suitable for continuous flexing applications.  LUTZE SUPERFLEX® high flexing cables are designed with super fine conductor stranding, optimized cable construction and abrasion resistant insulation and jacketing materials. Additional features, such as a central core and optional cable shielding, provide a long lasting solution for a wide variety of applications.

LUTZE offers two continuous motion cables – LUTZE SUPERFLEX® N and LUTZE SUPERFLEX® Plus PUR. Both cables are designed to be compatible with all major brand c-tracks.

LUTZE SUPERFLEX® in a factory


  • Designed for superior flexing in short to medium length c-tracks with moderate to high performance.
  • Constructed with High Glide TPE insulation and a specially formulated PVC jacket for durability and performance.
  • Rated up to 10,000,000 cycles.


  • Designed for longer c-tracks in high performance applications.
  • Constructed with superior grade materials such as High Glide TPE insulation and PUR jackets for high performance applications in modern high-speed machine tools.
  • Rated up to 20,000,000 cycles.

The unmatched durability, flexibility and longevity of LUTZE SUPERFLEX® cables are unparalleled in the industry.  For more information, contact us or your French Gerleman Account Manager today.  Check out available LUTZE SUPERFLEX® cables available for purchase on our website.


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