Product Spotlight: Greenlee G6 Turbo 6,000 lb Puller

Greenlee’s new G6 Turbo 6,000 lb Puller offers fast, efficient cable pulls resulting in significant labor savings!

Achieving incredible speed takes the world’s best technology, engineering and intelligence. You have no time for technology that promises to keep you efficient but can’t follow through. Time is money, and Greenlee took that into account when designing the G6 Turbo.

The G6 Turbo is up to 60% faster compared to the competition, which means that you can pull heavy loads at faster speeds with reduced downtime. When you compare the G6 Turbo to the competition, you save on average $2,000 per year vs. the Cannon 6K and $5,200 a year vs. Maxis M6K-M.

Setup is quick – less than 60 seconds! The G6’s unique design, featuring a patent-pending adjustable clamp, was created to enable quick changeovers. Its ergonomic design is great for fast and easy transport and makes the break down process a breeze. Gone are the days of changing a puller midway!

Check out this great video showing the capabilities of the G6 Turbo and how it helps electrical contractors.

Fast cable pulls allow you to cut labor costs, get ahead of schedule and win the next bid. Take back the power of the pull and finish your jobs strong with the GF Turbo 6,000 lb Puller from Greenlee. Call your French Gerleman Account Manager today to learn more!

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