Product Spotlight: Greenlee ErgoLab

The folks over at Greenlee are making history by launching the industry’s first Ergonomics Laboratory!  The Greenlee ErgoLab, based in Rockford, Illinois, offers state-of-the-art equipment to identify the ergonomic value of a tool by using scientific testing, measurement, and analysis.  The laboratory is designed to streamline the decision making process  for utility and electrical tool users, as well as purchasing officers and other decision makers, and to help them determine the best tools for them to use while on the job.

“This new ErgoLab gives Greenlee the ability to analyze and deliver objective data and offer everyone the ability to see what a tool is actually worth,” said Raffi Elchemmas, Tool Ergonomist at Greenlee. “By having to ability to compare muscle efforts against ergonomic qualities, it allows people to see and understand the health and safety benefits; making the purchasing decision process that much easier.”

The reality is that ergonomic injuries are totally different than general work-related injuries and therefore need to be managed differently. This is done by measuring muscle effort, as well as choosing the tools and work practices that are associated with decreases in muscle effort.

Using state-of-the-art electromyography analysis equipment and ergonomic evaluation software, Greenlee researchers are now able to measure and record the amount of electrical activity produced by the skeletal muscles. In addition to this, they will also be able to collect grip strength and bio feedback information such as heart rate, ECG Waveform, and skin temperature.  All of this information is used to help determine which tools are best suited to be utilized on each jobsite.  The company has also developed a mobile version of the Greenlee ErgoLab to offer job site analysis to end users.

The Greenlee ErgoLab shares all of their testing results for specific tools through published white papers and ergonomic datasheets.  You can find all of this and more on the Greenlee website  or download the PDF HERE. Or, give your Account Manager a call today for more info or to get started with Greenlee ErgoLab.

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