Product Spotlight: APC Server Room Cooling Solutions

One French Gerleman customer was struggling with their server room cooling challenge and came to us for some product and service options. Like many clients we work with, they didn’t have an abundance of space in their server room and were looking for alternative, space-saving ideas. In this video, Joe Dody, Manager of the Datacom Division, and Jason Stockmann, VP of Information Technology, present this client’s challenge and explain how with APC’s Server Room Cooling Solutions, they were able to save the day.

This client’s facility is underground and the server room is located in a converted small office that didn’t allow for expansion. They were unable to install an external condensing unit to provide cooling to the server room. That’s where we came in to get creative, and offer them an efficient and cost effective APC option.

APC offers a unique self-contained solution for data centers. Unlike other units, it has a built in condensing unit that used the plenum air space above the data center to expel hot air, and draw in cool air. This is ideal for smaller spaces or when looking for alternatives to having your condensing unit outside of the building.

You benefit from ease of deployment when working with French Gerleman and APC. There is one part number, and APC does the configuration, schedules the install and start-up, and you are ready to go.

From a budget standpoint this client looked into three options. The first one would be to install an external condensing unit. This would have been three times the cost of the APC self-contained cooling solution. The second option was to look into what they could do with their existing HVAC system, but in their circumstance, their existing HVAC was not adequate enough to produce the cooling required. The APC solution was not only the most cost effective option, but the most space saving option.

In the end, the client was happy to have a solution to their cooling dilemma. Does your business have a similar problem? We would love to help you create a solution that works for your company. Give us a call at 800-333-3122 and ask to speak with a representative in our Datacom Division to discuss your options.

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