Product Spotlight: 5 SQUARE® Box from Thomas & Betts

Thomas & Betts has introduced a new line of 5-inch square boxes ideal for low voltage cabling systems and alarm devices.  The new 5 SQUARE® Boxes more than double the cubic-inch capacity of a standard 4″-square deep box, making it faster and easier to route wiring and make terminations in the box.

The 5 SQUARE® Telecommunication Box supports copper CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7, CAT7A and fiber optic cables as well as expected future generations of cables. The boxes include cable management posts to ensure minimum bend radius requirements for high speed data cables and enough interior volume to properly store the slack cable loop.

Avoid the hazards of ground faults and short circuits in fire alarm systems with the 5 SQUARE® Fire Signal Box. Its increased size and space added around the perimeter of an appliance helps to prevent ground faults and short circuits.

The 5 SQUARE® Boxes can save contractors up to 50% in labor costs. By storing the recommended slack loop of communications cabling in the box instead of in a closet or drop ceiling, terminating cables at the box becomes a job for a single technician, eliminating the need for a second technician to access the drop ceiling space where the cable loop is typically stored.

In addition to labor savings, our 5 SQUARE® Boxes provide equipment savings. Compared to standard electrical boxes, the larger size of 5 SQUARE® Boxes enables more circuits and zones to be pulled through, which can reduce conduit and installation costs.

Key features:

  • Twice the volume as standard electrical boxes
  • Integrated cable management posts prevent kinked and over-bent cables
  • Save up to 50% in labor, increase profits
  • Eliminate the need to remove ceiling tiles to access the slack cable loop, preventing damage and debris
  • Eliminate troubleshooting time and costs
  • Fully upgradeable system
  • Available in red powder-coat finish or zinc-galvanized


Ask your French Gerleman representative for information on how the Thomas & Betts 5 SQUARE® Box can help save you labor and material on your next project.


5 SQUARE Box Thomas & Betts