Choosing the Best Cable Design for PoE

Cable design must adapt to new applications, and multiple converging standards in Power over Ethernet (PoE). Hitachi offers a full range of network cabling solutions to keep up with the ever-evolving industry. Cable design needs to account for high speed data transmission, remotely powered devices and building system applications.

When looking at cables, there are five main PoE market drivers:

  • Simplicity – Combining data and power
  • Cost – Eliminating the need for traditional electrical wiring for LP dedicated applications
  • Flexibility – Powering remote devices where local power is not available
  • Reliability – Creating UPS backups from central and universally compatible source
  • Scalability – Easily expandable and distributable

The main factor affecting cable selection is temperature. Heat can limit cable performance and eventually degenerate them. There are ways you can maximize your cable’s life and performance, such as minimizing cable lengths to reduce resistance, and leaving cables unbundled whenever possible to allow for heat dissipation. Reducing bundle size and minimizing use of cable ties also helps prevent hotspots.

When choosing a cable, it’s best to use cables with larger AWG size, use cables with a minimum operating temperature of 60oC and use cables with F/UTP shield. Obviously different needs require different technologies. You can choose the best products based on whether you have high or low data needs, as well as high or low power needs.

Supra 10G-XE

Hitachi’s Supra 10G-XE is ideal for high data, high power environments.  It has noise immunity, zero link loss performance, connectivity interoperability and supports PoE to 120 Watts. It has been verified for 10G High Data rate applications, and offers cost savings over shielded systems.

Power+ UTP

Hitachi’s Power+ UTP is designed for low data, high power situations, like lighting. It provides 88% power delivery efficiency over 100 meters without heat degradation to cables, and supports up to 140 Watts. It safely supports low voltage devices. The Power+ UTP offers the highest temperature rating in the industry for a Category compliant PoE cable and mitigates temperature rises.


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