Panduit’s New Circular Data Access Port Can Save You Up to 50% in Labor Time

Panduit has launched a new Circular Data Access Port. The programming port is mounted permanently to let users safely manage and reprogram internal controllers for various industrial networks that the data access port can be connected to. This means the panels do not have to be opened for regular maintenance, substantially decreasing a worker’s chance of being exposed to hazardous energy.

Data access ports are useful as they allow you to access networks within the panel without opening the panel door. This reduces electrical hazard risks by eliminating the need to interact with the wiring in order to maintain and monitor industrial networks.

The new data access port design allows for incredibly quick installation by using a standard panel punch. Since the port is circular, the hole is made using a standard 2-1/2 or 3-1/2 conduit knockout punch. Then, the port can be inserted and attached without the need for any cleanup or deburring. The data access port comes in multiple sizes to accommodate any need, including custom sizes.

Standard sizes come in:

  • 30 Millimeter
  • 3 Inch
  • 4 Inch

These new ports can be installed in as little as 50% of the time it takes to install a traditional port. Watch how Panduit’s circular data access port’s installation compares to standard data access ports.

A More Efficient Design

The modular design can help cut down on inventory demands as all parts are rated Type (UL, CSA, NEMA) 4, 4X and 12. There’s no need to stock additional SKUs for different ratings. The data access port is also compatible for RJ45 jacks, circuit breakers, USB and other modular connectors to be completely interchangeable, allowing you design flexibility to suit your inventory, and the ability to upgrade at any time.

The data access port has its mounting hardware designed to be inside of the protective cover, which prevents it from being removed by unauthorized personnel. It is also securely designed with a quarter-turn lock or padlock loop to resist tampering and keep your employees safe.

Proper control of hazardous energy is still one of OSHA’s top violations, and Panduit’s circular data access port can help you to avoid potential interaction with it and enhance your current lockout/tagout program.

To learn more, visit our website to view the product or contact your French Gerleman Account Manager today.

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