Panduit Compression Grounding Solutions

Grounding is a critical functioning part of the electrical system. Now, the integrity of your grounding system is dependent upon your connectors withstanding the environment where they are installed. To ensure reliability, maximize safety and speeding up installation ensures that a grounding system will provide you with the greatest value, something that we know is important to all of you.

Connection reliability is critical to the integrity of a grounding and bonding system in the long-term. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) developed this standard as a means of qualifying permanently installed grounding connectors. Panduit released a white paper, which you can download HERE, which highlights the importance of implementing a solution approach to optimize the performance of grounding connector systems. This white paper also explores Panduit’s StructuredGround Direct Burial Compression Grounding System and how it combines the installation efficiencies of a compression system with the long-term reliability and safety of connections that meet IEEE Std. 837. In this article, we will take a closer look at their Compression Grounding System, the features and benefits and how it would help you.

The Panduit StructuredGround Direct Burial Compression Grounding System provides the highest performance and most reliable compression connection in the industry! You can ensure a reliable connection with peace of mind and extreme savings. With those accolades, no need to look any further! This system offers the speed and safety of a compression connection while complying with the industry requirements of IEEE Std. 837. Every system is fully inspected and UL 467 Listed and CSA 22.2 Certified to ensure that the installed product operates safely.

Applications for the StructuredGround Direct Burial Compression Grounding System include the bonding of copper conductors, rebar, ground rods and building steel.

The universal design provides installation flexibility and a minimum number of parts which reduces procurement and inventory costs. Who wouldn’t want that? Their innovative features assure a high quality, complete bond, reduce labor costs and improves crimp quality.

For long-term reliability, be sure to specify that grounding connectors must be compression wherever possible, and those compression connectors must meet IEEE Std. 837. For more info on ensuring a reliable connection or on the Panduit STructuredGround Direct Burial Compression Grounding System, give your Account Manager a call or CLICK HERE to request more info.

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