Outdoor Lighting Solutions from Acuity Brands

Outdoor lighting is important for safety and security, but many outdoor lighting solutions have become dated and ineffective. Lithonia Lighting from Acuity Brands has a series of commercial outdoor lighting solutions that are on the forefront of LED innovations, resulting in brighter, more efficient lighting solutions.

Why choose LED?

Lithonia uses LED in its commercial outdoor lighting solutions for its uniformity of light and color, providing better security optics. LEDs are easy to install, result in 65%+ energy savings, have longer lifespans, and are dimmable, which can result in even more savings.


Wall Packs

Wall packs are great outdoor lighting solutions for areas like garage entryways, sidewalks along a wall, lighting the back of a building and warehouses. Lithonia Lighting has a wide variety of wall pack lighting solutions, including:

LIL Wall Pack:  The LIL Wall Pack has just arrived and is ideal for above entrances. It is just 5×5 inches, but emits 800 lumens, while only using 8W. It comes with basic, photocell, battery pack options and a back box for conduit wiring.

OLWX Wall Pack:  The OLWX Wall Pack is available in two versions. OLWX1 uses 14W-37W to emit 1,200-4,000 lumens respectively, while the OLWX2 uses 78W to emit 10,000 lumens. These are DLC listed and can be mounted up or down, making them ideal for building perimeters and signs.


Flood Lights

OLF Security Flood Lights

Flood lights fit their name as they flood areas with light, which make them perfect for large areas like parks and fields, or lighting a building façade. Lithonia

Lighting has four flood lighting solutions, including the OFL Security Flood.

OLF Security Flood:  The OLF Security Flood is available in two options, the OLF 2RH and 3RH, which have two and three heads, respectively. The OLF 2RH delivers 2,100 lumens at only 25W, while the OLF 3RH delivers 3,100 lumens at 36W. Both have removable visors and adjustable photocells, and include basic, photocell or a motion/photocell combination.


Area & Site

Area and site lights provide wide-reaching visibility, and are often used in open parking garages or the top deck of a parking garage. They are also used for the sides of building as well as recreational areas. Lithonia Lighting has four types of area and site lights, including the KAX Area Luminaires.

KAX1: KAX1 Luminaires replaces up to 400W metal halide, and has field rotatable optics with an optional tilt feature. The optional tilt feature allows it to tilt up to 80 degrees for forward throw and allows facade lighting. All KAX Area Luminaires have no-drill universal mounting.


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