nVent Hoffman’s HyShed Creates a New Reality for Total Sanitary Washdown Enclosures

A common balance in food and beverage facilities and other harsh environments revolves around the ability to preserve the integrity of sanitary conditions while protecting valuable control panels and other electronic equipment. After all, the washdown process can involve high pressure, high temperature spray and your enclosures must be up for the challenge in these situations.

The good news is that French Gerleman offers many high-quality enclosures to help you protect your equipment, and today, we’re pleased to announce the latest in our line-up: the nVent Hoffman HyShed.



Billed as “the industry’s highest-rated total sanitary washdown enclosure solution,” HyShed is IP69 and IP69K certified, in addition to its NSF and NEMA Type 4X ratings. It is also the first enclosure to have a 3-A System Component Qualification Certificate, making it the only solution available today which meets this rigor. It is ideally suited to protect your equipment in CIP and harsh sanitary washdown applications, offering the highest level of protection on the market for situations requiring the maximum defense against the intrusion of water and contamination.

HyShed Washdown Enclosures Are Designed for Ultimate Protection

Many unique factors were implemented into the design of the HyShed. Each was specifically developed to create a new reality for washdown enclosures – a reality that would become the best sanitary solution for your food and beverage environment. Take a look at how this level of protection is achieved through the HyShed’s streamlined, hygienic design:

  • Hinges are mounted internally within the enclosure to reduce catch points and the possibility of corrosion.
  • Gasket is a replaceable blue FDA-grade silicone, which is easy to replace, clean, maintain and install. It is resistant to bacteria growth and chemical absorption, and its design helps to eliminate the possibility of water entering into the enclosure.
  • Latches and screw surfaces are crevice-free, further reducing the opportunity for contaminants. They also can be adjusted with a standard tool.
  • Solid back provides for ease of installation via weld mounting.
  • Sloped top prevents water and materials from pooling, maximizes back panel space and minimizes the enclosure’s footprint.
  • 304 stainless steel is included in the complete construction of the enclosure and all hardware and features a No. 4 dairy finish for enhanced protection against corrosion, water entry and other contamination.

How the HyShed Can Help Your Facility

Now that we’ve established the key features of the HyShed, you may wonder about the benefits of installing such an enclosure. There are many answers to that question, all of which, at the root, involve saving you time and money. This ultimate level of protection can help you:

  • Extend the lifecycle of your controls and drives with watertight seals and corrosion-resistant materials.
  • Eliminate common places for bacteria to grow through design features such as the sloped top, replaceable blue FDA-grade silicone gasket, complete 304 stainless steel construction and hardware, and overall hygienic design.
  • Speed your maintenance process by eliminating manual steps to prepare for washdown such as bagging enclosures and caulking doors shut. (And then removing all of that when washdown is complete!)
  • Create maintenance efficiencies with the easily cleaned and replaceable gasket, and by using standard tools for latches and screws.
  • Maximize back panel space with the enclosure’s sloped top.

 nVent Hoffman Has Your Protection Needs Covered at Every Level

The nVent Hoffman HyShed sanitary washdown enclosure joins a complete line of nVent Hoffman enclosures designed for your needs. Whether your facility requires minimal washdown or is classified a harsh environment, French Gerleman can supply enclosures that meet your specifications.

If you have any questions, or would like to talk further about the new HyShed enclosures to find out how you can benefit from these innovative features, please contact us or reach out to your French Gerleman Account Manager.

Hoffman HyShed