Coronavirus (COVID-19) Message

French Gerleman’s employees are routinely asked what our planned response is to the COVID-19 threat.  We recognize that you, like us, have businesses to continue operating – businesses that rely on our local inventory and technical support.  For that reason, we have no plans to discontinue or otherwise interrupt operations.

I’m pleased to report that very few of our 300+ suppliers have reported any expected supply shortfall.  For those who do, we post their announcements to an internal server that your French Gerleman Account Manager can access at any time.  Anticipating that there still may be some unforeseen supply chain issues, we are also taking steps to temporarily boost our already expansive ($25 million+) inventory for common items – particularly those that are imported from areas where an interruption is most likely.  Of course, we will also seek alternate sources from domestic locations.

While risk of exposure to novel coronavirus is still thought to be low unless you travel to specific high-risk areas, we recognize that this is a fluid situation.  For that reason, we will continue to monitor CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reporting for guidelines and recommendations.  Currently, there are just four countries designated Risk Level 3 or higher (14-day quarantine upon return from a visit).  None of those countries are locations for any business travel by French Gerleman employees.  Should the CDC update the country list or change recommended mitigation steps, we will respond accordingly. Rest assured that our highest priority is the safety of our customers and employees.

Thank you for your business and watch our blog for any updates.

Mike Stanfill