Make Your Life Simpler with Job Site Storage

You’ve heard the saying “time is money” hundreds of times, but how can you save time and money? Let us help! With the French Gerleman Store ‘N Go mobile storage carts, you will have a convenient and secure job site storage solution, saving you money and plenty of time for your next project.

Store ‘N Go: Mobile Job Site Carts
If you’re constantly searching for the right parts or boxes, a mobile job site cart is perfect for you. These carts offer your Electricians complete mobility and flexibility on the job site. Everything they need is loaded on the cart, placed in individual compartments and easily accessible, even on the go. They help cut labor costs, reduce spending and protect products from loss or theft.

With more than 22,000 SKUs in stock and multiple delivery options, we ensure that you have the right electrical products on the job site, where and when you need them.

Another great feature of the Store N’ Go program is as parts are used, we can monitor inventory levels on the mobile storage carts and replenish as needed. Your team can remain focused on the job at hand, and never fear running out of what they need. We’ll even update the Bill of Materials for each project stage.

Two convenient mobile job site cart options for your next project:

Mobile Tool Box
Options include: Drill bits, masonry bits, hole saws, unibits, bit tips, nutsetter, reciprocating blades, bandsaw blades and much more!

Mobile Storeroom
Options include: Conduit, fittings, elbows, connectors, liquid tight, compression couplings, condulets and more.
Also includes:
-High-visibility mesh screen, 3 sided
-Forty-eight smaller, individual compartments, enabling storage of smaller tools and accessories
-Platform for long-handled tools
-Sturdy handle and swivel casters for easy mobility (take on the go!)
-Holds up to 2,000 lbs. of material

Interested in learning more about our mobile job site carts and how to order one of your own? Contact your French Gerleman Account Manager today!

French Gerleman Job Site Storage Mobile Storage Carts