LED Lighting Retrofits for Energy Savings

We have presented the pros and cons of making the switch to LED lighting in a previous blog and we wanted to delve into the benefits of LED Retrofits. Businesses who are looking to become more energy efficient are turning to LED retrofit. By retrofitting traditional lighting fixtures, you are harnessing the efficiency and reliability of LEDs cost-effectively with minimal disruption to your business.

LED technology reduces electrical consumption compared to conventional lighting systems, and also offers controllability and light uniformity, which can be a benefit to your business. Not only does LED lighting provide a substantial reduction in energy usage, by using the existing installation they decrease your initial installation investment.

Featured LED Lighting Retrofit Products

Lithonia Lighting

The KAD-LED is the most cost effective 400W Metal Halide replacement available today! The Contour Series luminaries offer traditional square dayforms with softened edges for a versatile look. The long life and energy savings of the KAD-LED makes it perfect for illuminating streets, parking lots, walkways and surrounding outdoor areas.

The RV6 LED Retrofit commercial downlight delivers up to 1500 lumens, allowing you to upgrade your existing “pan-style” housings to a more energy efficient LED technology in just a matter of minutes! The RV6 is idea for retrofit applications where lighting performance and design are critical. For example, offices, corridors, reception areas, schools and retail environments.

Universal Lighting

Everline RK Kit
The Everline LED retrofit kits convert 2′ or 4′ fixtures to LED lighting. It includes everything you need for a simple installation, there’s no hassle! It is available in 2,300 lumens to 6,000 lumens with an 82 CRI and CCTs of 3500K, 4000K and 5000K.

In our next blog we will focus on the reduced labor and maintenance costs associated with LED lighting retrofit. Be sure to check back next week to see how you can save money and see our featured products.

Interested in learning more about LED lighting and retrofits? Join us on Thursday, October 29, for our LED Upgrade Opportunities event at our French Gerleman St. Louis Customer Center! The event will feature live demonstrations and a chance to discuss your retrofit project with product experts. Click HERE to learn more or to register.

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