Keeping Your Hands Safe on the Job

A safety glove’s design can help prevent hazards including cuts, chemical burns, abrasion, crushing or contact with bio-hazards.  No matter what kind of work you do, you must be equipped with the appropriate tools to help you efficiently and safely perform your job.

Safety Gloves Can Protect You from Hazards

Safety gloves can protect you from a myriad of hazards.  Cut-resistant and heat-resistant gloves are what put our partner, Superior Glove, on the map.  They have since expanded into anti-impact and anti-vibration gloves.  Superior Glove has also redesigned their classic leather work gloves to create more comfortable, form fitting gloves that use the latest fiber technology.

The goal is to find the right glove for the job, both to protect you and keep your glove from wearing out too quickly.

Types of Hazards and Injuries

Cuts, Punctures and Abrasion Hazards


There are very few industries where cuts, punctures and abrasion hazards aren’t a risk.  Electricians, maintenance, mechanics, health care workers and employees in numerous other industries require reliable protection against these workplace hazards.

To address these risks, Superior Glove’s selection ranges from the thinnest disposable gloves to the most heavy-duty, cut-resistant work gloves.

Looking for reliable cut protection? Depending on what the job entails and the protection level needed, Superior Glove recommends you choose gloves made with Kevlar®, Dyneema® or gloves made from a combination of these and other cut-resistant materials.

If you need protection against fine puncture threats, Superior Glove’s Punkban™ products are a great option.  Depending on the severity of the abrasion hazards in your workplace, Superior Glove’s leather work gloves are an excellent choice.

Severe Weather and Extreme Temperatures

superior-gloves-for-weather-safetyIt doesn’t matter if you work in Antarctica or just work in a cold-storage facility, you need a thermal barrier that’ll hold in your body heat  and block out the extreme cold.

Since cold temperatures can cause temporary or permanent damage to the skin and muscle tissue, the colder it is, the more protection you need.  Add in damp conditions, and you’ve got additional concerns.

Persistent Vibrations


If you think about tissue damage caused by vibration, it is typically assumed that chainsaws or jackhammers cause more harm.  Tools with lower levels of vibration, like sanders or grinders, can be more dangerous because you can use them over longer periods of time without noticing their effects.  For more information, read Superior Glove’s case study.

Persistent vibration can damage nerves and blood vessels, cause long-term pain, and, in extreme cases, lead to permanent damage. Wearing proper work gloves that help absorb and dampen vibration and keep the damage to a minimum is key.

No matter where you work, there’s always some risk of injury. That’s why it’s important to wear the best safety gloves for the job.  To help you select the correct gloves for your job, use Superior Glove’s Glove Selector tool.

If you are interested in safety gloves, contact us or your French Gerleman Account Manager.  Visit our website to learn more or request information Superior Glove’s products.


Article and content used with permission by Superior Glove Works, LLC. All rights reserved.  Visit their blog for the complete version of the original article.

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