Innovative Solutions to Save Time on Your Jobsite

It is no secret that electrical contractors are being squeezed for time like never before. Today, electricians are working tirelessly to meet their deadlines with an ever-shrinking number of workers available to do the job.

While we are a supplier, at French Gerleman, we consider ourselves partners who are working hand-in-hand with our customers to provide a range of solutions to the challenges they face. When we see tasks being performed on a jobsite that could be done more quickly, we go to work to help our customers be more efficient.

We want to highlight our value-added inventory management services that can help expedite workflow on your construction projects:

Mobile Wire Spool Cart

French Gerleman Wire Spool CartIf you hang around any jobsite long enough, you’ll see the safety issues, time and effort that goes into hauling wire to the various areas and setting it up where it needs to be cut to size and installed. On large jobsites, this amounts to miles of wiring of different types and sizes to be run across the facility. And perhaps this simple task isn’t something that’s been viewed as a problem – until now.

When working with a customer on a very large jobsite, we identified a solution to save labor and potentially reduce safety concerns. The French Gerleman team witnessed the workers physically moving large quantities of wiring, spending valuable installation time, not to mention a great deal of their energy. Couple this with the fact that the contractor was short on both time and labor to meet the deadline. Our solution was simple, and the results outstanding.

French Gerleman went to work to design a Mobile Wiring Spool system that would shave significant amounts of time off the project. We worked in cooperation with a metal fabrication shop, and developed a cart on wheels, which featured nine one-inch studs that ran from the back of the cart to the front. It can easily be stocked with up to 18, 2,500-foot reels of the small diameter cable (THHN 12 and 14) needed for the project. The cart has the capacity to carry miles of cable.

Why did this work so well, and save time on the jobsite? No longer did workers have to worry about setting up for each pull, moving large amounts of wire around the site or carrying around small quantities of wire only to need to return to the main spool multiple times throughout the day to refill his or her stock. On one simple cart, requiring no onsite set up, the worker has access to all the conductors needed, and had the ability to pull and cut the appropriate wires, by color, in a matter of minutes. The cart can be wheeled to the next pull on a single floor or moved by forklift to the next floor.

French Gerleman customers quickly learned of the Mobile Wiring Spool cart and began requesting it for their jobsites. We’ve happily made it available to our customers, lending it to them for their projects when they purchase their wiring from us (pending availability on a first come, first served basis).  And for feeder cable, customers can utilize our meal A-frame reels.

Mobile Inventory Management

Another jobsite challenge that can consume a great deal of time is the management of inventory. On jobs of all sizes, there are many people and a great deal of equipment, parts and pieces that must be organized and stocked to maximize efficiency. French Gerleman worked to identify three key solutions that could greatly benefit electrical contractors:

  • Job site trailers – used to maintain the appropriate level of materials to ensure smooth operation and minimize downtown on jobsites. The French Gerleman team monitors inventory, refills what’s needed, and keeps it secure with these mobile trailers.

  • Mobile job carts – stocked with the materials needed for a worker to perform his or her job efficiently, these wheeled carts make moving inventory from floor to floor, or from one corner of a facility to the next, quick and easy.

  • Conduit tilt carts – this simple and highly effective tool allows for long sections of conduit to be loaded onto a cart which can tilt to a 45-degree angle, making it possible to load onto a jobsite elevator. This eliminates the time it takes to manually haul conduit section by section up flights of stairs and reduces the number of trips required.

These are just a few examples of the innovation that the French Gerleman team employs when we see a need in the field. We are always looking for ways to help our customers meet their project timelines and obligations – something that’s become much more important as the labor market continues to shrink. We believe in innovating, working together, and thinking outside the box, which will ultimately lead to the success of all involved.

If you are interested in learning more about how these tools can benefit your next project, please reach out to your French Gerleman Account Manager or contact us today. We’ll help set you on the path to greater jobsite efficiency.

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