Increase Safety & Productivity with Southwire’s SIMpull® Cable Pulling Innovations

Electricians are hired for their expertise in installation. Yet only about one-third of the time spent on a traditional electrical installation jobsite is spent installing product. In fact, according to Southwire, as much as 40% of the time on the job is spent handling materials and getting things in place to do the work. Southwire’s line of SIMpull Solutions® products is setting out to change all that.

Every SIMpull Solutions® product that Southwire produces is designed to achieve some combination of these four specific outcomes:

    • Simplify installation
    • Reduce man hours and labor costs
    • Promote a safer work environment
    • Meet unique application needs of customers

When used in combination, the SIMpull Solutions product line can accomplish all four. In this blog, we’ll examine a variety of the SIMpull Solutions products available to French Gerleman customers and explore how they create a safer work environment, save you time and money, and simplify otherwise complex jobs and processes.

The SIMpull Product Family

SIMpull flange from Southwire
SIMpull Flange from Southwire

In a previous blog, we detailed the three biggest game changers in the SIMpull family of products. But there are a number of other products we didn’t discuss. So before we explore the benefits, let’s take a brief look at each of the products that combine to make the SIMpull Solutions line:

    • SIMpull NoLube® Wire Jacket: It’s the biggest innovation and the starting point for any conversation about Southwire’s SIMpull Solutions products. This single revolution on its own means cable pulls require fewer people, less expense, less time, and no mess to clean up when the job’s done.
    • SIMpull Calculators: Plan and build an entire wire pull in advance. The calculators ensure the right equipment is deployed for the job in advance, leading to safer and faster installation, with minimized risk of rework.
    • SIMpull StackTM Reel: Say goodbye to twelve-reel jobsites. Load multiple feeder pulls onto a single reel. Plastic wrap protects each layer, and SIMpull Head® Pulling Grips are installed on each circuit and covered with a protective outer sleeve.
    • SIMpull Jacks: You might assume reel jacks are not ripe for innovation. But Southwire has set out to improve safety by minimizing shin injuries from handles and back injuries from loading reels on to oversized jacks. Southwire offers the Maxis Jax with a 3,000 lb. capacity, the QWIKjax with a 6,000 lb. capacity, and the Maxis PRO-Jax with a 10,000 lb. capacity. All three are lightweight and easy to move.
    • SIMpull™ Reels and Flanges: The SIMpull Reel and Flange can have a major impact on material handling time and effort. Flanges attach to a conventional wooden reel to make it maneuverable by one person. SIMpull Reels go a step further. They can be maneuvered by one person, fit through a 36” doorway, and have a 6,000 lb. capacity on a 61” reel. They require no jacks for installation.
    • Safe Feeding Solutions: Southwire offers an innovative Triggers® wireless safety system that features foot pedals on both the pull and feed ends of the job. If a foot comes off the pedal at either end, the pull stops. They also offer repeaters for concrete or long pull applications that extend the range of communication and feature a stop button if anyone sees an issue anywhere along the pull.

SIMpull Solutions Improve Jobsite Safety

The primary risk factor for any electrical installer is labor. Safety must be a top priority for your team. Not only is safety critical to your productivity and the health and wellness of your workforce, but it also makes good business sense to promote a safe working environment. Insurance rates are established based on an organization’s Experience Modification Rating (EMR), a number that gauges both past cost of injuries and future chances of risk. The lower your rating, the better the rates. General contractors also consider EMRs when deciding who to work with and allow on their jobsite. There is also significant workers’ compensation cost reduction to be achieved by prioritizing safety.

Injuries can take critical team members out of the labor pool or limit the tasks they can perform. The more time a job takes to complete, and the more people required to do it, the greater the risk of injury. The odds of cuts or injuries related to lifting or repetitive motion are greatly reduced when using SIMpull Solutions products because they’re designed with safety and efficiency in mind. Simply put, less people spending less time to perform a task leads to less risk of injury.

Reallocate Your Team’s Time to High Value Tasks

It’s no secret that there’s a shortage of skilled labor. And when you find talent, it’s more critical than ever to retain it. But wear and tear, injuries, and the repetitive nature of cable pulling work can sometimes cause great team members to cut their careers short and look for less demanding work.

SIMpull Wire Reels

No matter how large your team is, it’s critical that the time they spend on a jobsite is spent efficiently. When Southwire began developing the SIMpull Solutions product line, they recognized that time spent in materials handling was time wasted. And they knew that the best way to bring value to electrical contractors was to minimize it.

The SIMpull Solutions product line delivers. Utilizing SIMpull Solutions products can increase direct installation time from 32% to 65% of the total time spent on the job compared to traditional installation methods. Materials handling with SIMpull Solutions can be reduced from 40% to just 8% of time spent on average.

SIMpull products help you reduce labor costs and installation time. Jobs that used to require a seven-person team, 15 reels, and untold additional jacks, jack stands, and axles become two-person, one-reel jobs with SIMpull Solutions. You’re able to reallocate your skilled manpower to high value tasks resulting in a higher quality and more profitable payoff.

As a Southwire Solutions Partner Distributor, French Gerleman has the in-house expertise and access to connect you with Southwire’s entire line of SIMpull Solutions products. Contact your local French Gerleman Branch or reach out to your account manager to learn more.

French Gerleman offers the full Southwire product suite in select geographic areas. Contact us for more information.

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