How to Select the Correct Tools for Proper Terminations

Properly terminating electrical wires is important to avoid terminal failure and potential electrical fires. ABB Installation Products, formerly known as Thomas & Betts, has been working on improving that process for years, and now are introducing the biggest step forward in compression connections since 1957 when they trademarked “Color-Keyed” connections to reduce installer errors.

The Smart Tool+ is ABB Installation Products’ latest crimping tool, which is capable of identifying connectors and digitally recording data and uploading it to the Cloud.

Identifying Connectors

Pressing the scan button on the Smart Tool+ will cause its display to prompt to “Scan Smart Crimp.” Simply position the smart connector near the scanning location at the bottom of the tool, and the Smart Tool+ will show the smart connector material and size.

The Smart Tool+ automatically recognizes and adjusts to Color-Keyed smart connector material and size based off a small chip included in the smart connector.

Smart Tool+

Crimping With Smart Connectors

Using the Smart Tool+ allows you to accurately crimp and assess the quality of your crimp.  Here are the five easy steps:

  1. Position stripped wire into connector
  2. Place connector into the crimp head
  3. Jog the Smart Tool+ trigger until red indicator flashes to verify it is properly in place
  4. Press and hold backup release valve if the crimp head needs to be re-opened
  5. Once everything is in place, press and hold trigger.

An indicator will light to signify whether or not the crimp is successful:

  • Solid green (successful)
  • Flashing red (distance or pressure not met)
  • Solid red (failed)

The Smart Tool+ keeps track of the crimps you’ve done and their data on different worksites and jobs. Temporary placeholders for site and job names can be used in the field and updated later.

 Crimping With Standard Color-Keyed Connectors

Smart Tool+ works with the standard Color-Keyed Connectors you already use. If you run out of smart connectors, there’s no need to worry.

You can use the buttons on the Smart Tool+ to select the connector material and size, and the tool will record the data the same as a smart connector.

The Smart Tool+ is great in various markets you already use ABB Installation Products’ Color-Keyed Connectors in:

  • QAQC Jobs
  • Power Critical installations
  • Data Centers
  • OEM Equipment Manufacturers
  • Industrial Installations
  • Commercial Installations
  • Maintenance & Repair

Using the Smart Tool+ with the App

Where does all the data go from the Smart Tool+? ABB Installation Products has a free mobile app that works on Apple and Android tablets or phones.

The tool can work offline, and stores crimp data until it’s convenient for you to transfer it to the mobile app. The crimp data can be uploaded to the cloud by installers, supervisors, and system administrators.

After successfully uploading data to the cloud, active memory is automatically erased.

ABB Installation Products’ Smart Tool+ may be the right choice to help you make foolproof crimps, track data, and save time and money.

If you are interested in the Smart Tool+ or have any questions, please contact us or your French Gerleman Account Manager.

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