Get Ready for the Future with the GenSPEED® 10 MTP Category 6A Cable

General Cable is committed to providing innovative products that go above and beyond. Recently they introduced GenSPEED® 10 MTP Category 6A cable, the industry’s smallest diameter Cat 6A cable.

GenSPEED 10 MTP is an unshielded twisted pair that performs like a shielded or foiled twisted pair due to the MTP technology with Mosaic Crossblock, a segmented metallic tape with an insulating layer. This eliminates the need for grounding and helps to shield the cable from alien crosstalk.  Because no grounding is needed, you can reduce costs by using unshielded data jacks.

The GenSPEED 10 MTP cable features a 0.250” diameter making it easier to maneuver, install and store. Despite being the smallest in the industry, it also has superior electrical performance.The cables are rated to 90°C, making them perfect for high-wattage applications.  The internal pair geometry creates a unique cross-web, which stabilizes the cable, giving it a small profile and  flexibility. It allows up to 119 cables in a 4-inch conduit, compared to 80 for most traditional 6A products.

GenSPEED Cat6A Cable

Due to its slim profile and packaging, it’s possible to have up to 36 reels of GenSPEED 10 MTP per pallet, as opposed to 12-27 reels. Whether in the warehouse or on site, you can store more product in less space. Since it’s also lighter, it can improve transportation efficiency and costs.

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If you need 6A cable, GenSPEED 10 MTP offers superior performance, lighter weight and increased flexibility. You’ll spend less on transportation, storage, trays and conduit. Visit or contact your Account Manager today to learn more.

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